You’re Name is Not Milton Bradley!

playing games

playing games

So, my bad boy toy that I’ve been playing with for about two weeks now has been M.I.A for the past four days, which is out of the ordinary. Typically he is hitting me up day and night, telling me he’s thinking about me, can’t wait to see me and filling me in on his every thought. So when things went silent, I turned the tables and hit him up…nada! OK, no big deal, right? I gave it several hours and then used one of his famous lines : “Hope everything is OK 🙁 ” on him. A friend of his texts me back and says that my boy toy is without his phone and spending quality time with his dad and he’ll tell him to text me later when he gets in. OK, odd that he is without his phone (the god damned thing is like an appendage), but no biggie. Hours later I get “What’s up?”. We text for about 15 minutes and then I say good night, blah blah. Next day, I figure I’ll hit him up and say good morning & hope you have a good day (which he typically sends to me at the ass crack of dawn) and I get “U too busy at work ttyl”. Later never came. Next morning at the ass crack of dawn I get two texts telling me his phone is fucked up, he’s got a really busy week, he’s thinking of me and will text me when he can. I never responded. Why you ask? Because I know when I’m being played with and this little boy is trying to play with me.

What game is he playing? Oh come on! Every female knows the “make him come to me” game, this boy just switched it around! Or at least he thinks he did! He thinks that by leaving me hanging, I’m going to come running to him, blowing up his phone telling him how much I want him, need him, think of him, miss him, lol….not this girl! Sorry, I’m well past that point in my life where I’m going to be doodling some boy toys name on my notebook. Besides, if this toy doesn’t want to play it’s OK because I have plenty more toys in my sandbox just waiting to be played with.

Sorry son, but the only games I play come in a Milton Bradley box and you’re name is certainly not Milton Bradley.

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