Your Las Vegas Guide to a One Night Stand

One night stand in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? (Except herpes, just remember that shit comes home with you and grab a few of these before your trip!) Joshua Pompey is known as one of the world’s leading online dating experts. Joshua Pompey is no stranger to Las Vegas or to and has shared some great tips for making those Vegas one night stands something you’ll never forget (and hopefully neither will they!)  For more free online dating advice check out his site or check out his world famous profile writing service.  Check him out on Twitter @joshuapompey and Facebook. And now, I give you Joshua Pompey and his Las Vegas Guide to a one night stand.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly ten years since I first stepped foot in Las Vegas.  To say I instantly fell in love would be the understatement of the century.  Between the women, food, women, shows, women, and gambling, what’s not to love? Oh yea, and did I mention the beautiful women?

Eleven years later, and well over thirty trips back, I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two over the years.  And while I could share lifetimes worth of knowledge about Las Vegas, let’s talk about what most of you men out there One night stand in Las Vegas Guidewant to know—how to get laid in Vegas.  In this article I’m going to provide you with my road map for having an amazing one night stands.  Just remember boys, be safe out there!

1.  Nap time is not optional, it is required.

The rookie Vegas tourist loses control the second he arrives on day one, pounding back shot after shot, and beer after beer, like there is no tomorrow.   Come nightfall when willing women are out in droves, the “let’s-party-all-day” guy can barely keep his head up.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Having enough game to bring a girl home requires you to be on point the entire night with stamina to match. Whether you are going to a pool party and getting a little wild during the day, or just hanging out, nap time begins at 6 the latest, no exceptions.

2.  Always avoid bachelorette parties.

Ten beautiful single women all together is a dream come true right?  Wrong.  Avoid this sexual death trap at all costs.  No woman is going to leave her bachelorette party on her friend’s special night.

3.  The dance floor is a trap.

If you want to rub up on 50 dudes then go for it.  But if you are looking to hook up, Vegas dance floors need to be avoided.  Unless you are at an ultra lounge, the dance floors need to be steered cleared of.

4.   Invest in a table.

If you are with five people or more, invest in bottle service.  Sure, you may spend double what you planned on spending, but you will have your own personal space, and can invite beautiful women over any time you want.  They won’t be impressed that you have the table, but it will provide you with the space you will need to run your game and have a conversation.

5.  Give the bouncer money.

Here’s a golden little trick I learned over the years: Have each member of your table pool together 30 dollars each and give it to the bouncer.  Tell him you want him to bring the best girls to your table all night.  By the end of the night, your table will look like a rap video, and everyone will go home happy.

One night stand in Las Vegas6.  Find small groups where each guy can pair off.

Whenever there is a woman who is isolated from the group, everybody suffers.  Try to find groups that match up to your party size, or whomever in your group will be winging you.

7.  The “where are you from game” actually works.

Visit a bar in a local town and “where are you from” is the most un-inspired and boring form of conversation.  However, in an international tourist destination, it makes for fun conversation, and provides plenty of opportunities to flirt.

8.  Keep it flirtatious at all times.

Most women are in Vegas to have fun.  So flirt and give them just what they are looking for.  Shed that Mr. Nice Guy act that you are used to carrying around back home, and just let loose.  Just don’t be a creep.  There is a fine line between flirtatious and creepy.

9.  You can be whoever you want to be.

You are never going to see the person you are meeting again after this night, and most likely, this is exactly what she wants.  So have fun with it.  Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Create a fake identity that excites you.  Do things you’ve never done before.  Be adventurous.  Is this something I normally do?  Nope.  Is it something I have done?  Yep.  This is your chance to just get crazy and be whoever you want to be for a night.

10.  Befriend the friends.

Winning over the friends is just as important, if not more important than winning over the women you want to take home.  If her friends don’t approve of you, it will be that much harder to separate her from the group.

11.  Drink a lot, but know your sexual limits.

Sure, drinking is fun, but there is nothing more depressing than bringing home the hot girl and your equipment is no longer working.  Take shots, get crazy, and have fun, but know your sexual tipping point.

12.  Keep a pill on reserve.

As much as I encourage you to know your sexual tipping point, I also know that this is easier said than done.  A little emergency Viagra can be a man’s best friend in Vegas.

13.  Always have a room of your own.

This is not college.  We don’t kick our friends out of the room when we get home or leave a sock on the door.  Make sure you have a spot to go to when the night ends.

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Time to share your “single in Las Vegas” tips and stories! What’s the best way to party, have fun and get laid during your trip to Sin City?

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