yes excited

yes excited

Good morning readers! Yesterday, almost immediately as I hit send on my last post, Mr Adorable text me “How are you?” Yes!! We had date number three last night! He came and picked me up  about 7 last night and we hung out and talked, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Later we went and picked up a pizza and watched Shawshank Redemption, which both of us love.

During our conversation, Mr Adorable confided in me a very personal bit of information about himself and his past. Nothing I can’t handle, but something I should share since it’s of a sensitive nature and I want to respect his privacy. Still, it’s very cool that he trusts me enough to confide such personal information about himself to me. I on the other hand have been extremely guarded and careful about what I say and don’t say. I think it may be time for me to come clean with him and let him know that while I do like him (a LOT) that I’ve had some serious this-must-be-a-nightmare-and-not-my-life situations with men that have caused me to second guess (OK triple and quadruple guess) my gut instinct when it comes to reading men.
While laying in bed last night, Mr. Adorable (who I may need to henceforth refer to as Mr. Tall, Dark & Yummy) asked me to tell him a story. I joked, asking him if he was 5 and needed a bedtime story and, laughing, he said no. “I know it’s hard to think of things when you’re getting to know someone, so just tell me a story about something funny.” On the fly, I couldn’t really think of anything other than the fact it took me 5 tries and two states to get my drivers license despite being an excellent driver (really, I am! I have an impeccable driving record). He wanted another story, something more personal. OK… “I almost died last year” I muttered. “What?! OK.. how?!” So I told him the story of how I ended up with blood clots in my lungs (thank you Seasonique birth control! @@) and, after being treated like a drug seeker nut case and almost dying, spent 5 days in the cardiac unit of a major Boston hospital. He was quiet for a few minutes and then cracked his wrist. I broke the silence and asked if it was an old injury and we started swapping silly injuries and stupid childhood stuff. He said his wrist was injured multiple times, I said I fractured mine punching a wall as a teenager before I knew how to control my anger, he one upped me with another injury and we went back and forth for a few minutes. Finally we both drifted off to sleep…
6:30 a.m. came very quickly! Mr. Adorable (hmm, maybe adorably tall, dark & yummy, but I digress) drove me home this morning, kissed me goodbye and said he’ll talk to me later before heading off to his golf tournament fundraiser. And here I blog, needing massive amounts of caffeine today before the kidlets arrive home from their dad’s in a few hours, hoping there’s a date #4. Stay tuned…

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