Worst Online Dating Messages: A Guys Take

worst online dating messages

worst online dating messagesYou’ve already read my thoughts on the worst messages I’ve received from guys during my online dating adventures, but ever wonder what guys think of the messages other guys send? Well, my friend Daniel LaRussa over at Limit Break Studios decided to pop in and write a guest post on this very topic!


There’s this thing called ignorance, or should I say foot in mouth syndrome.   Not everyone is cursed by it, but the ones that are have somehow found their way to the online dating community.  Anyone that’s brave enough to venture out there for a week or more has come face to face with a virtual reject. Online dating is full of desperate virgins, future inmates, and man children living in momma’s basement.   But for these men desperation would be a welcomed attribute compared to their almost stalker status.  For example, when a grown man writes the word ‘friggan’ it’s time to set sail and hit the good old block button.  It’s almost as if bad grammar is a prerequisite of creating an online profile.  Now I’m not the brightest star in the sky but this guy Jrobby clearly wasn’t told no as a kid, and willing to bet he’s a soon to be news report at his nearest correctional institution.  Bostonshyguy is anything but shy.  He’s a living oxymoron, his username suggests humility but within one sentence transforms like Clark Kent into what the common folk call creeper.

Dating is supposedly an enjoyable experience when you find someone that complements your idiosyncrasies.  But as a man I’ve found that dating is much like preseason to the big game, a trial and error bonanza.  All the practice play, back and forth lies all culminate the kickoff or should I say first date.  For those not into sports, think of online dating much like shopping at the supermarket.  There’s your meat department, full of juice heads and muscle bound monsters.  The junk food section, stay at home sons and fast food junkies straining their thumbs on the Xbox wireless controller.  Then you have the fresh produce section, otherwise known as vegetarians and in shape gym rats.   You can walk around, or surf around and narrow the field by what you’re in the mood for.  Shop for what you want, and throw it in the cart which in this case is your inbox.   The truth is online dating may be more convenient than stepping out on a Friday night to that nightclub or lounge but in truth it’s just as deceiving as a stale or expired product.  People tend to be who they envision themselves as, not who they actually are which can be not only misleading but frustrating.  Men who are bald post pictures from the 80’s, overweight people just show their faces, its false advertising at its finest.  Not everyone is granted suave looks, or a cunning mouthpiece. But there’s a fine line between being an underdog and being a downright moron.

In the end you can’t label all men one way, as you can’t label all women another because just like in the market every aisle has its good products and bad ones.  If online dating can teach us anything it’s that hiding behind a computer screen breeds a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.  I’d rather be the guy without a date then the guy whose date is misled to think he’s a perfect ten with deep pockets.  But that’s just me!


Limit Break StudioDaniel LaRussa is founder and CEO of Limit Break Studios, an art production company formed in Long Island in 2011.  He is an entrepreneur and self-starter, traveling the country promoting at various film festivals, and Comic Cons.  Additionally, he is a writer and currently promoting his comedy dating blogs on his Youtube Channel. His project “Life After Pride,” a mature themed comedy series is currently in the process of being pitched to networks.  You Can watch his hilarous videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/LIMITBREAKSTUDIO and also check out his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/limit.break.5?fref=ts

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