Will There Be A Date #3?

date #3

date #3

What a weekend! Friday night I went on a first date with a man I met online. We live in the same city literally a 10 minute walk from each other, both divorced and both have children. Score! Someone who gets this whole single parent dating stuff. We decided to meet at the T station between our houses and go into the North End for dinner. Apparently I made this poor adorable man so nervous that he couldn’t even talk without stumbling over his words. I assured him that he just needed to take a deep breath and relax and he eventually did. We had a lovely dinner at an Italian/Peruvian restaurant and a little conversation as he was still incredibly nervous. We swapped war stories about our online dating experiences and man, there are just as many crazy women out there as men apparently! Towards the end of dinner he started to relax a bit and he held my hand…very sweet. We decided to walk through the North End to get gelato and coffee, but we ended up talking so much,not paying attention, missed the bazillion cafes in the North End ¬†and ended up at the waterfront. The weather was gorgeous, perfect for sitting by the water and relaxing. He confided that he hadn’t had very many dates go well from this online dating site and that most women who show up look nothing like their pictures (ie about 200 lbs heavier, different ethnicity, etc) so he was shocked that I looked exactly like mine. He kept complimenting me all night, asking how someone as gorgeous as me is still single (to which I rolled my eyes). As we sat talking, the night air became chilly. He put his arm around me and I snuggled right into him. OMG! He smelled so good and he was so warm! At a few points, sitting their by the water, his arm around me, we did share a few amazing kisses. At one point we had to stop and remind ourselves that we were in public and I mentioned it might not be a good idea to get arrested for indecent exposure on a first date (though it might make a great story later on). We sat a while longer and then went back to his place to make out like two teenagers. It was fabulous!!

On Saturday he asked if he could see me again (YES!) so, after a long day of playing at the beach with my nephew (after a very late night with Mr. Adorable) we agreed to have a casual night, which was perfect! Dinner at a local restaurant and back to his place to watch a movie and just hang out and relax, which we both needed! We talked A LOT and eventually ended up falling asleep! Over dinner though, he asked me if I felt comfortable with him, if I was nervous at all and I admitted that yes, I was still a little nervous, after all, this is all still very new. He said that he doesn’t know why, but he feels completely comfortable with me already. I laughed and said “yes, I tend to have that effect on people!”

Now readers, if you remember, I had a pattern for a while of never making it to or past date #3. I’m very curious to see how things with Mr. Adorable will play out and if there will be a date #3. I think I’ve been a bit guarded around him and, after he relaxed, he’s sort of laying it all out there and being very open with me. I’m trying to find the fine line in the sand between getting to know each other and being on guard. Very difficult when you’ve been burned SO many times before! Stay Tuned!

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