Will He Fit in My Stocking?

in my stocking
 It’s true, a girl can find everything she wants at the mall! This past weekend my best friend and I decided to do a little Christmas shopping at a local mall. It was a typical Sunday for us: alcohol, food and shopping. We aimlessly ventured through the mall, wandering into any store with a display that caught our eye. As we left a kinda cool store, filled to the brim with nostalgic toys and memorabilia, my bestie spotted a prized item in the store window across the hall. She nearly sprinted across the crowded mall hallway and made a b-line directly for the item… a certified authentic replica of the Stanley cup!
She immediately inquired as to the price of such a prized possession and the male employee answeredin my stocking her inquiry. She looked at me, looked at the cup and was ready to walk away, even though she’s wanted this thing since the B’s won and it’s very hard to find. As the man, who turned out to be the store owner, gave her his sales pitch, she hemmed and hawed over whether or not to buy it. We stood in the store for a good 20 minutes while he tried to sell her on the cup and flirted with  me. She decided to walk away from the cup, but  I left the store with his business card.
We continued our shopping adventure, talking about the cup the entire time. Not even 10 minutes later we were back in the store so she could buy the cup! The flirtatious store owner, who I’m going to call Mr. SportsFan, offered to carry the cup out to the car for us. Sure! You can follow us out to the car with this giant box so neither one of us has to carry it through the mall and parking lot, haha!
After he put the box in the car, he stuck around chatting with us and shamelessly flirting with me for a little over an hour! Apparently when we left the store the first time (without the cup) his two employees (male) thought that I’d never call him. After our hour long chat/flirt session out in the car, I waited, giving him just enough time to get back inside the store and then I called him. He was so taken aback that I took the initiative and called him and now, he had my number. Win-win!
We spent the night texting back and forth, then he called me later that night and we had an hour long phone conversation. This cycle of texting and emailing all day and then talking for at least an hour later that  night has continued for the past few days. We have a date this week 🙂
Some girls go to the mall and buy shoes and clothes. Me? I go to the mall and come back with a guy!
Happy shopping readers!

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