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OK, I may not be great at this relationship stuff, but I took a little glimpse at this thing between Mr. Sports Fan and I and have come to the conclusion that shit is getting really real! Like “for real” for real peeps! And I don’t know what to do when shit gets real! Panic? Run? Hide? Fight? Stay? Let me explain…
I took a look at all of the little things that, when added together, made me arrive at this conclusion. For instance, we haven’t been out on a real date night kind of a date in well over a month. I mean, we’ve grabbed dinner after work or running errands, but no real I-shave-my-legs-and-he-puts-on-a-nice-shirt kind of a date night, know what I mean?
OK, next item on the list (which kind of refers to the previous item): we run errands! We run errands together, he runs errands for me, I run errands for him, there is a whole lot of errand running going on here folks! And I don’t mean silly, “Hey can you grab a bottle of wine on your way over”, I mean legit real life shit, like grocery shopping together and, “Hey can you stop at Verizon and pay this bill for me while you’re out” kind of shit.
Another factor in my moment of clarity is that we both speak and think in “long term” terms. What do I mean? I mean that, as commitment phobic and sometimes pessimistic as both of us are, when we talk about the future, even the immediate future (2 months from now, 3 months from now) we include each other in those plans and thoughts. For instance, it’s only May and we have vacation plans for June set and are working on plans for July. He talks about what to get me for my birthday (which isn’t until the fall) and I say things like, “In August when we…”.
But the biggest contribution to light dawning on marble head that shit is getting really real around here: I just realized he and I haven’t spent even one night apart since the very end of February!
relationship moving forward
The strangest part of ALL of this is that it doesn’t even scare me. And Mr. Sports Fan seems perfectly comfy and content as well. Granted we did have a little spat because I was stressed, took it out on him by blowing up and told ┬áhim I need fun in my life and he just wasn’t giving it to me. I know, it was mean and I was being a bitch and I can’t even blame PMS. I blew up, we argued, we calmed down, hashed it out, came to a compromise and issue was resolved within an hour. We’re kind of like a TV show that way I guess, our problems don’t last long and neither of us stays mad at the other for very long.
It’s good. It’s progress for both of us. It’s real grown up shit.

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