Welcome to My New Home

welcome home

welcome home

Well my sexy readers, after two years of journaling my dating adventures and sexcapades on Blogger, I decided it was time to move out and explore my cyber options. So, welcome to my new home! What do you think of the new place? I still need to hang some new drapes, scatter the place with a few sex toys and stilettos … you know, make it feel like home.

Feel free to peruse my new digs. You’ll notice that there are some new things, but a lot of the old stuff has just been moved. Go ahead, play around. Touch things. OOoooooo yes,baby, I like it when you click it just like that!

Keep doing it… oh! You’re naughty, I like it!

Do that again! I love the way you scroll and browse, you dirty little devil!

Do it again, baby…. yyyeeeesssss! Just like that!

I love the way you work that mouse all over my posts. Moving left and right, up and down. Mmmmmm….

Keep doing that….


and again…..



Was it as good for you as it was for me? Probably not; I’m pretty excited about this new adventure.

As a girl who tends not to embrace change, this is one example of how change can be good.

Oh and love, before you go, be sure to leave something on the night stand, umm, I mean comment section, on your way out.


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