Want to Get a Boob Job? My Breast Augmentation Story

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Whenever I heard the term “boob job” when I was younger, I always pictured some Dolly Parton-looking woman: tiny waist and huge knockers. But as I got older, I started to realize that not everyone who has breast augmentation surgery ends up with triple F canons on her chest. I have always been intrigued by breast augmentation: why do women choose to have surgery? How much does it cost? What are the risks? What’s the pain and recovery really like? For years I have casually researched breast augmentation and this past July, my research paid off.

Now, I am in no way an insecure woman, but everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves. For me, that something has always been my breasts. I have always been athletic, slender and petite, so, my barely a B cup boobs were proportionate to my build. But I have never been happy with my above-the-waist silhouette or having to search for small, extra padded bikini tops, or never being able to wear cute, strapless anything (or anything low cut). Still, plastic surgery seemed so far-fetched. Something “regular people” just don’t do.

I used to think plastic surgery was only reserved for the rich and famous!

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Well, I was wrong!

I have come across dozens of women, regular women, who have taken the plunge and were so willing to share their experience (and surgeon info) with me. I have cupped, squeeze, jiggled and admired a handful or two (pun intended) of beautiful, surgically enhanced breasts over the last few years and honestly… with the right surgeon, it’s so friggen difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not!

I Took the Breast Augmentation Plunge!

So I did it! This past July, I mustered up the courage to have a consultation with a Boston surgeon. Just knowing I had the consult scheduled made me feel empowered!

The staff was warm, friendly, extremely inviting and helpful. After a lengthy discussion with the surgeon about medical history, and a breast exam, he explained the different types of implant options, different surgical options, took measurements and photographs and then came the fun part–trying on some new boobs! The nurse gave me a surgical bra and a tank top and brought in a bunch of different types (saline and silicone) and sizes of implants. After trying them all out while standing in front of a mirror so I could get an idea of what the end result would be, I finally made my decision. I would get 355 ccs (roughly a very full C- small D cup) silicone implants placed under the muscle at the end of July.

I arrived on that late-July morning super nervous, but also super excited. I met with the nurse, and then the anesthesiologist, and then the doctor came in to say good morning and give me the run down of what to expect. The nurse and I walked into the operating room where I was given a muscle relaxer and an IV. The anesthesiologist administered the medication into the IV while the nurses talked to me. Just like in the movies, I was asked to start counting backward from 100. I think I made it to 99 and I was out cold! The next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair in an exam room, fully dressed and the nurse was putting my sneakers on. She gave me some juice and some instructions and then walked me out to the car where my ride was waiting for me. I was not to be left alone for the first 24 hours because of the anesthesia and risk of falling and hurting myself. I felt surprisingly well that first day/night. I had to apply ice packs every so often for swelling, take pain meds as needed and basically rest.

Some things that I wish I knew prior to having surgery:

  • that I had to sleep in a semi-upright position for the first 2 weeks because of the swelling
  • that my new boobs would feel like two heavy rocks sitting on my chest
  • that taking a full, deep breath would be uncomfortable
  • that I would need help sitting or standing up for about 2-3 weeks
  • that the anesthesia would give me an unrealistic sense of feeling great, causing me to over-do it… and pay for it later!
  • that coughing, sneezing and laughing would all hurt for a few weeks
  • that nearly 6 months later I would still be numb!

Breast Augmentation Photos

Life After Breast Augmentation

I am now 5 months post-op and feeling great! To be honest, it took me about 4-5 weeks before I could move around without pain. Being a passenger in a vehicle on our fabulous (tic) Boston roads was torture until about week 5 or 6. And forget the T! I made the mistake of taking the T to work 3 days post-op and I was in tears from being bounced around. I had to wear tops that were loose and easy to get on and off because I couldn’t raise my hands above my head for the first 3-4 weeks.

It can take 6-12 months for the implants to full settle in to place. This is important to know because your new breasts will not be their “final size” until they are fully settled. At 5 months post op, I am currently a 34D, but at 6-8 weeks post-op, I was measuring a 34C. Let’s just say that my Victoria’s Secret card has seen a lot of action simply because I couldn’t wait to shop for new bras (haha).

I am still not allowed to do any activity that engages the pectoral muscles because of the risk of tearing the newly healed (and still healing) muscles.

I still have numbness from the incisions (in the fold under the boob) up to my nipple. This could be temporary, but it could also last forever. It’s part all a normal part of the nerves healing.

All in all, I am so happy with the result! I absolutely LOVE my new boobies!

Have you had breast augmentation surgery? Share your surgery/recovery story in the comments!

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