Wacky Whirlwind Weekend



The exhaustion I feel every Monday always leads me to reflect on just what the hell I did over the weekend to make me feel so blah and drained. This past weekend was no exception.

Friday night I had a first date with a new guy who I’ll call Mr. DJ (and I hear this song in my head as I type that, lol). We met at a local restaurant for drinks and appetizers, nothing over the top. All week long I was very blasé in my preparations for this particular date; I didn’t even paint my nails! I rarely leave the house for a date or any other adventure without my  nails done. I put effort into what I wore that night, but not until about 2 hours before I was supposed to meet Mr DJ and typically I would think about something like that in advance in case I needed to shop for the perfect shoes, accessories or nail polish.  I think you get the point: there was little effort made on my end to prepare for this date.
I text Mr. DJ about 45 minutes before our date and let him know that I got tied up (not literally) and was running about 15 minutes late. He confessed he was also running late…Perfect! I got ready and after several wardrobe changes, including leaving the house with one pair of shoes on, getting about 20 feet from my house, turning around and coming home to change said shoes, I finally made it out the door in the direction of the train. When I got to the station, already running 15 minutes behind what I originally told Mr. DJ to begin with, the train was running late! I text him to let him know and he was cool with it, said he just got to the parking lot himself, no big deal. When I finally got on the train and to the restaurant, I text Mr DJ to let him know I was headed in his direction, per his request, and he met me outside. Now, I have to say that I did not go into this date with high hopes at all, or any hopes for that matter. I had already spoken with Mr. DJ on the phone prior to setting up this date and man, can he talk! It’s great that he can carry on an intelligent conversation, don’t get me wrong, but it made me think back to Mr. STFU and I was afraid he’d also talk me into boredom. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case with Mr. DJ. He knew how to carry on a conversation WITH a person, meaning he asked questions and listened to the answer rather than just talking about himself all night like Mr. STFU! Wow! What a concept,huh?! Anyway, we had a great time, great drinks and conversation, and we ended up staying until closing.  Then, he not only walked me to the train station, but he walked me all the way to the turn style to make sure I got there OK and then asked that I text him when I arrived safely at home. I told him he didn’t have to do that, but he said “my mother raised me right and I’d feel terrible if I didn’t at least walk with you to make sure you are safe.” So freakin’ sweet! I text him when I got home and he did the same and asked if he could see me again Sunday, to which I said yes (of course).
Saturday was sort of wacky and left me wondering if there was a full moon. Let me explain. The day started off with helping my BFF clean her very first, hers ALL hers, brand new home (yippee, so excited for her FYI). We spent the entire afternoon cleaning and scrubbing and de-yuckifying (yes, it’s a fuckin word!) her new abode. We already made plans to go out that evening and, after some serious arm twisting, I got her to comply with our previously made plans. We ended up at a local Boston bar which my tweetheart BostonBachelor works at to celebrate my BFF’s birthday as well as her new title as sole homeowner. The adorable bar tender took our drink order as we perused the menu. As we scoped out our fellow diners, my BFF noticed a guy at the opposite end of the bar that was right up her alley: dark hair, baby face, clean cut, kinda preppy…very pretty, very metro-sexual. “OOhh, he’s nice!” she said. I looked up from my menu to see who she was talking about and responded “OOhh, he’s GAY!” She didn’t believe me, but he was hitting on our absolutely adorable (and gay) bartender. Both my tweetheart and the bartender shared my suspicion and informed us that this babe is kind of a regular and he comes in often, hits on the bartender all night, becomes obnoxious and is asked to leave.
A few minutes later, after our food arrived, adorable bartender asked if we’d like another round…Um.. fuck yes!! He then informed us that cute guy at the end of the bar was buying my BFF a drink. OOOOK, so maybe we are all wrong and he really is just very metro..or just utterly confused about his sexuality. She accepts the drink and then… nothing! He doesn’t walk over, wave, look in her general direction. Nothing! A solid nearly 10 minutes go by and finally my BFF gets a pen and piece of paper from adorable bartender, writers her number and “call me maybe” on it and asks adorable bartender to deliver it to cute guy (yes, just like 5th grade). What does cute guy then do? Does he come over and talk to her? NO! He fuckin texts her from the other side of the bar! Seriously?! We don’t have cooties! What the fuck?! So, my BFF plays along and texts him back…UNTIL…
They were talking about sports, hockey specifically, and he said he “used to have season tickets, but gave them away because it was too much of a commitment” Uh Oh! He just said the absolute worst thing he ever could have said to my hockey-obsessed-die-hard-Bruins-fan bestie. You would have thought that he just called her an evil, vile, disgusting name the way that she looked up from her phone and yelled across the bar “WHAT THE FUCK?! TOO MUCH OF A FUCKIN COMMITMENT?! ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS?!” And he said something back about working nights. Whether out of embarrassment that she screamed at him from across the bar about his lack of loyalty to the Bruins, or because he was given a cootie shot at the other end of the bar and knew it was now safe to mingle with the opposite sex, he decided to saunter over and have an actual conversation with my bestie. The exchange was actually quite comical to watch. You see, my BFF is a sarcastic, say what pops into my head, spitfire. Now, I absolutely adore this quality because I also possess it, but not everyone can handle it. She’s also very quick witted. Cute guy was making stupid comments left and right and she was knocking him down and putting him in his place right and left. He wasn’t backing down and tried being super cocky and arrogant, wrong approach with her buddy! This went on for quite some time before he finally had enough (enough of her or enough to drink we’re not exactly sure, but none the less) and he went home. He continued to text her even after he left and the next day.
We stayed at the bar until closing, talking to some tourists, chatting up a local about his boat and just enjoying ourselves. While we were outside chatting, freezing and saying goodbye to Boston Bachelor, my phone was blowing up with texts from Mr. Cocky telling me that he was coming over. Um, kid, I told you I had plans and I’m not even fuckin home! He pulled the jealous boyfriend bit which I HATE because he’s NOT MY BOYFRIEND! We went back and forth for about an hour with his jealous rant and he was seriously killing my buzz and pissing me off. Then he showed up! I answered the door without saying a word, just looked at him. “Uh Oh, I’m getting the death glare” ya that’s fuckin right you are asshole! “What the fuck was THAT all about?” I asked him. “What? I just thought it was weird that you were out and I couldn’t be involved” Um OK time to put him back in his  place! “I told you I had plans this weekend. You also had plans this weekend that didn’t include me. That’s more than acceptable with me.I seriously do not appreciate the jealousy act, especially when you have no right.” We went back and forth for  about another 45 minutes and I just decided to go to bed because I’d had enough. Even laying there, he wouldn’t let it rest, so we got into it again.
Finally he was quiet and he just lay there playing with my hair while my head lay on his chest in the dark. After a few minutes, he broke the silence by saying “I think I know why you’re mad and pushing me away” “Oh ya? Why’s that” “Because I’m moving. I know you think about it and I know it bothers you.” “Really? And why do you think that?” “because I can just tell. I’m pretty intuitive.” I didn’t respond because honestly, he was kind of right. I just didn’t want him to know that he was on to something so, I just lay there, silent for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes of silence, Mr Cocky still playing with my hair and running his hand down my shoulder and back, my head still on his chest, my phone practically vibrated across my night stand as several back to back texts came in. “Oh! You better answer that! Don’t want you’re other boyfriend getting upset!” I said it could wait, probably just my BFF telling me she got home OK, no big deal. He kept up with his sarcastic crap, “No go ahead, answer it before he gets upset. I’ll be gone soon enough!” I lifted my head & glared at him. Even in the pitch dark he could tell he struck a nerve. I put my head back down, “go to sleep!” He wrapped his arms around me tight, kissed my forehead and apologized several times. “I’m not upset your leaving and I don’t think about it” I said to him, but he knew I didn’t mean it. He knew I meant just the opposite. We remained silent, my head still on his chest, his arms still wrapped around my tightly, until we finally drifted off to sleep. I didn’t intend for him to be there or to stay,  but I was kind of glad he was and that he did.
As morning came, so too did the typical Sunday morning sounds that come with living in my city neighborhood: traffic outside, neighbors talking, yard work being done, construction, birds. Mr Cocky knew I had plans for the day and so did he. We got up, chatted over our morning coffee and then he was on his way with a kiss goodbye so that I could get ready for my day.
Sunday was date number two with Mr. DJ and he suggested we take a walk through Boston Common and just have a relaxing, go with the flow, come what may kind of a day. I rarely get to do that so I was totally on board with that concept. He came to my house, picked me up and we went to the train station together (rather than pay to park in Boston when I live less than a 10 minute walk to the T…crazy!) We took the T to Downtown Crossing, walked around a bit, grabbed Dunkin Donuts and headed to the Common. We walked and talked, getting our caffeine fix and people watching. We stumbled upon some college kids playing an unusual game which we thought looked an awful lot like Quidditch from the Harry Potter books and come to find out, we were right! We sat in the sun watching and talking to the players, who were more than happy to answer our questions. After about an hour or so of watching, we decided to get moving again and we continued on our way, aimlessly walking through the Downtown Crossing area, into Faneuil Hall and then landing at a waterfront bar for drinks and appetizers. There was never a dull moment in the conversation and we could both easily keep it going. The few moments of silence were actually not uncomfortable or awkward at all, but rather welcomed moments where we’d sit munching, sipping and taking in the surroundings as we sat on the patio in the last remaining minutes of sunlight.
Refueled, we began aimlessly walking again, and by twilight we found ourselves at the Greenway and I suggested we sit & decide the remainder of the night. Early on he had suggested that we see a movie and he cook me dinner. Seeing that we were having a wicked good time together, I decided to take him up on the offer. We made our way to the T and back to my house, but first we stopped at the grocery store to grab food and a movie. We ended up cooking together which was fun and then he cleaned up (love that!) and we settled down to watch the movie, followed by lots of making out (like being 16 all over again)! I was actually the one to put the brakes on (WHOA! That VERY rarely happens, LOL!) and we sat and talked for a little longer before we both realized it was really late and he had a bit of a drive home. We said our goodbyes and he asked if he could take me to dinner on Friday. I said yes, of course. I have no idea where he’s taking me, it’s a surprise. I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited.
~Stay tuned kids! 😉 XOXO

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