Video Interview with Fem Dom Rio Lee

Fem Dom Rio Lee Sex Awards

While I was in Las Vegas covering the AVN Awards in January, I had the pleasure of sitting with Mistress Rio Lee for a little girl talk about business, her plans while she’s in the states and being a Fem Dom… all while my obedient foot slave captured it all on film and then rubbed her tired feet for her to polish off the chat.

So, what were my questions for the sexy Rio Lee? And what naughty details did she share with me? Watch and learn loves…

I first wanted to learn a bit about this beautiful woman sitting before me on the couch in the crowded press room. Of course, I had already done a bit of homework; she and I also follow each other on Twitter, though our conversations tend to revolve around our love for Trader Joe’s and dominating our foot slaves. Here’s a list of the questions I asked Rio as we sat snug together on the leather couch, our legs touching, and the conversation getting us both hot…and wet!

1. Did you have any jobs before porn?

2. How and why did you get into the industry and what was your first scene?

3. How do you think women in the industry are viewed, by both those in and out of the industry?

4. Do you think it’s better/easier for women in the industry now than say 5, 10 or even 15 years ago? How?

5. Tell me about the dominance…

6. Have you always been a dominant woman and are you dominant in all aspects of your life or just sexually?

7. What about the foot fetish and foot kink? Tell me more…

8. Tell me more about being a Fem Dom…

9. With guy/girl scenes you are always the dominant one, what about with girl/girl scenes?

10. Tell me about your plans while you’re in the U.S…

11. Do you think men come to you to be dominated because they have high stress jobs and just want someone else to make the decisions for a while?

At the end of the video, and after being on our feet in stilettos for 3 full days at this point, our feet were sore and tired. Since I brought my foot slave along, and since Rio was so gracious with her time, I handed control of my foot slave over to her. Needless to say it was a steamy end to a naughty interview with the smoking hot Mistress Rio Lee!

I know my panties would have been wet… if I were wearing them!


(PS… for more naughty news with Rio, check out her website at )

(P.P.S: I kissed her on the red carpet! Mmmmmm, yummy!)

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