Variety is The Spice of Life!

variety is the spice of life
variety is the spice of life

English poet William Cowper said “Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” Well Mr. Cowper, this single girl couldn’t agree more! I enjoy different flavors, if you will. Fuck it, to be more blunt, I like having a wide array of men to choose from on a regular basis! True, at times, keeping track of them all can be a full time job which includes Excel spread sheets and a calendar to keep track of who I was with on which days/nights so that I don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong guy (this has happened), but  it’s a job worth having! After all…anything worth doing is worth doing well, right?

Lately Mr. Cocky has been making every attempt to turn me into a one man woman and, while I applaud his effort (as subtle as he thinks they are), I am SO not letting him win! OK, I’m making a huge effort not to let him win, damn it! I have seen him at least one night every weekend for the past three weeks in a  row, which is kind of a record for me! We have sleepover every weekend, which I don’t normally do, but he’s sooo comfy to cuddle with and it’s getting chilly here in Boston 😉 But…I digress… I will not allow him to turn me take away my variety! Nope! Not gonna happen!

I currently have eight toys to choose from; at one point last summer I had 14! (Don’t judge!) I like them all for different reasons and they all serve a different purpose. Some are incredibly beautiful to look at, some are great to talk to, some are fabulous in bed (two definitely know how to tear up a room…mmm… just sayin’) I enjoy my freedom to choose and I like my variety of spices and flavors. I like that I can choose to hang out and do my own thing in my own house and not answer to anyone but myself (and maybe the neighbors when they see me walking around naked because I leave the blinds open….whatever)! I love the fact that I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. I enjoy the fact that I can have my bed to myself or I can choose to have a cuddle buddy for the night…or a different one every night if I so choose! I like that I don’t have to consult anyone else before I make plans for myself. I appreciate my freedom, my independence and my space.

I really do enjoy my life as a single girl! Sure it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with, make out with, screw around with, sleep next to, hang out with,  be lazy with, etc, etc and I enjoy those things just as much as the next girl. I just like to have my cake and eat it too, whether it’s chocolate tonight, vanilla tomorrow, pumpkin the next morning, and strawberry shortcake next Tuesday… I want it all!!! I have someone to do all of those things with, well, I have a few someone’s 😉

Variety is the spice of life baby!

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