Three Sexy Years Later: Happy Anniversary!

happy 3rd anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me! What a long, sexy trip it’s been! Three years ago, when I sat down at my laptop to basically begin an online diary of my dating adventures, I never thought that I would be hanging out in Las Vegas, interviewing porn stars, happily living the swinger lifestyle with a steady man in my life!

So how did I get to this point and how did this all start?

When I first began this blog in 2011, I was newly single after a really bad marriage and an even worse divorce. Not really sure how to jump back into the dating scene, I explored online dating. Soon enough I sold my engagement ring and paid for 6 months of Hey, go big or go home, right?

I’ve had many adventures over the past three years; sure there was some heartache involved, but there has also been lots of fun involved too. And not just any kind of fun, but the Oh-I’m-definitely-going-to-hell-for-this kind of fun!

I was young and stupid when I got married and I did it for all of the wrong reasons. I didn’t marry for love, fuck I didn’t even marry for money! I married out of obligation, out of a sense of doing what was right… I got married because I was pregnant. I know, I know, that’s some 1950’s shit right there, but deep down (waaaaay deep down), I’m just an old fashioned girl at heart and I thought I was doing the right thing. Hind sight being 20/20, I realize that doing what seems like the right thing, isn’t always the best thing. Live and learn, right?

The last three years have been about finding myself, about figuring out who I am, not just as a single woman or a divorced woman, but as a person in general. My marriage sucked the soul out of me, my passion, my hopes , my dreams… all of it vanished. Over the last three years I have been on a quest of self-discovery and it’s taken me to some wild places. Not only have I been able to figure out who I am as a person, but I’ve also had the freedom to explore my sexuality and it has been absofuckinlutely liberating!

So what does this next year have in store for Boston Single Girl?

Ohhhh… just you wait and see my loves. I have lots and lots of sexy tricks up my skirt for all of you this year. It’s all still hush hush, but just know that I have many a kinky project going on behind closed doors which I will unveil shortly to all of my dirty little readers. Trust me, you’ll love every juice little morsel.

And now, a toast to my three year blogoversary!

Raise your glasses…

“To Hell! May the stay there be as much fun as the way there!”


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