Three: Company or A Crowd?



“You and you’re friend are so hot together! Can we all go back to my place?” This question (or a similar version of it) seems to spill out of the mouth of every male like verbal vomit at one point or another. What is it about the mere idea of having two women that turns men on?
My best friend and I are very often asked by guys (either hers, mine or random) if the two of us would be interested in a threesome. We are asked so often, that my BFF actually asked a male friend of hers who had propositioned us just what makes it so appealing. His response, in regards to the two of us, was “You two are so comfortable together. You can tell that you are not in competition with each other. You give off this vibe…it’s just hot!” A vibe? Is this like the ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear? And what makes this vibe “hot”? By this description any set of sisters, or friends as close as sisters, makes men desire a threesome with the set.

Is this a matter of nature? Are men’s brains just hard wired to plant their seed with as many women as possible to avoid extinction? Is it some sort of animal instinct to want two closely knit women at the same time? Or, is this a way to avoid intamacy for all parties?

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sexually adventerous! I just don’t see the draw. Perhaps I never learned to share properly. I prefer to keep my toys all to myself in my own sandbox.

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