This Dating Experiment Paid for by the Ex

dating experiment

“You got HOW MUCH for your ring?”, was my BFF’s response when I told her how much I sold my engagement ring and wedding band for on experiment Her reaction when I told her what I did with the money? Priceless!

You see, I decided to use the money to pay bills. No big deal you say? Keep reading. The bill I chose to pay month after month with that slightly hefty sum was for my subscription. Yes, you read that correctly! When I told my BFF this little piece of information she was flabbergasted. Once she found words, her response was “that’s fuckin awesome!”

Come on now, don’t judge! I’m sure everyone at some point in their life has sold an item from a lost love. What is so wrong about selling the item of a lost love to find new, and possibly true, love? Sure, I could’ve spent the money on shoes, a new wardrobe, a vacation or a zillion other things. I chose to put the money to good use on a man hunt. I’ve met some very interesting guys, some down right fantastic guys and some not so great guys. I never would have met any of these guys if it wasn’t for online dating and I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the online dating website if it wasn’t for the extra money I had from the sale of my ring.

How many of us save useless old items from past relationships? Don’t lie! It’s not that I’m not sentimental because I am. I keep movie stubs, dried flowers, pictures, t-shirts, cards, etc. Let’s face it though, some of the crap we accumulate during a relationship just carries more emotional baggage with it when the relationship ends than it ever did before. Why would I keep my wedding ring? It’s just emotional baggage. Not to mention it’s impractical. It’s a piece of jewelry taking up space in my jewelry box that I will never, ever wear again. I get rid of old clothes I don’t wear and force my kids to weed through toys and donate the old, unused ones. So, why not this ring?

So, out with the old and in with the new!

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