There’s More to the Buffet Than Just Vanilla!

vanilla boring sex

vanilla boring sex

I’ve never been a vanilla kind of a girl. When faced with a buffet of choices, I want to try everything and see if I like it. Especially when it comes to sex! I am not a make-love-in-bed kind of a girl. In fact, I find that dreadfully boring! I am more of an anywhere, anytime, I have to fuck you right here and now kind of a girl and, in a relationship, I need a guy who is up for the challenge!

My ┬ábestie and I are very similar in this respect (maybe it’s why our relationship has sustained 22 years…we’re both freaks LOL). So when she asked if I was up for a little friendly competition during our night out, I of course was on board. The game: which one of us had the most sex while we are out on the town. No problem! I’m game! Her guy is up for the challenge so I ran it past Mr DJ. His response, no. What?! Seriously?!
I get that not everyone is as adventurous as I am, that’s fine. I like to push limits, I don’t care who is watching or where we are. I get that not everyone is as uninhibited when it comes to sex and that’s OK. So instead of giving him shit for it, I asked what his limits were and how far I could push him in private. UGH! His responses just proved to me that we are not sexually compatible. He is so very vanilla when it comes to sex and I am SOOOO not! This wouldn’t be a terribly huge issue if he were at least open and willing to experiment, ┬ábut he isn’t. UGH!
I very explicitly spelled out exactly what I want and how I want it. I then asked what his fantasies were (everyone has them) and you would have thought I was trying to extract national security secrets from him! He asked me if I wrote 50 Shades of Grey under a pen name because he’s not used to someone like me. Sweetie, my life before you WAS an erotic novel and one FAR better than that poorly written mommy porn garbage!
I’ve been in sexual unsatisfying relationships before…it was called marriage! I refuse to go down that road again where I give in and overlook the fact that while everything else falls in to place, the sex doesn’t and be OK with it. I will never settle again, no matter how perfectly we mesh in every other facet of the relationship.
He’s getting one last chance. He can step up to the plate and put the ball in play or he he can get out of the batter’s box and let the next player come up to bat for a home run!

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