The Good

good relationship

good relationship

I tend to talk a lot about the downside of my relationships and dating experiences so, as promised in the description of this blog, I’m going to serve up some good stuff damn it! Enough of the bad and the ugly! That should be fairly easy since things have been ridiculously good lately.

Mr. Electricity and I are a full fledged couple. Oh yes! You read that correctly my friends! Miss Single Girl/Serial Dater in Boston who used to have an all out panic attack at the first sign that things were headed towards relationship status is in fact in an exclusive relationship with a perfectly wonderful man. So wonderful, in fact, that we have met each other’s children and our children have met each other. Everyone gets along perfectly…so far! I’m not completely out of touch with reality…I know that they are kids and kids are bound to squabble, but we’ll take it in stride like we have everything else.

We have spent every weekend together and we still never run out of things to talk about. We literally spent an entire Sunday lounging around in our pj’s, drinking coffee and talking… an ENTIRE day! We are in the process of finalizing vacation plans for our very first trip together… NYC for New Year’s Eve!

So far… so very good!

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