The Tale of the Giant Penis

he has a giant penis

So there I was, legs in the air, both of us drenched in sweat as we finished round one on that sultry September night, when he says,  “I want you to ride me.” I smirked, slithered out from under him, flipped him around and mounted him. I love being on top; I think it’s a control thing. As I slid myself onto his shaft though, the further he entered me, the more uncomfortable I was. I tried leaning forward. Nope. Tried leaning back a little. OMG No! WTF?!

“Umm, I don’t think I can.” I shamefully said to him.

“It’s OK, unfortunately this happens a lot.” he replied.

We tried doggy-style. Holy fuck no way!

Round one was amazing, so what the fuck was wrong now?

Well my friends, it turns out size does matter! Only in this case the size issue wasn’t that he was too small… he was too damn big! Apparently when you are trying to screw a man who is taller than the average man (Mr. G-spot was 6’6″), well you should be prepared for a larger than average penis! Much larger!

Mr. G-Spot and I always had great sex (hence his pet name), but I always stumbled away feeling like I had been at the rodeo all damn night. While he certainly knew how to find the g-spot, unfortunately his extra large package meant it took a few days for me to recover from our romps. It also meant that we were limited to missionary-style when it came to entry positions. (Good thing he was as good with his tongue as he was with hitting the g-spot!)

The moral of the story boys and girls: size does matter, but don’t let a giant penis stand in your way!

In the end, Mr. G-spot and I parted ways; not because every time he parted my legs I needed a week to recover from his giant penis, but because we just wanted different things— in and out of the bedroom.



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  1. I know how that guy feels and it ain’t pretty. Ladies, a rule of thumb: look at the man’s hands. His middle finger pulled back to the base of his hand, where it rests, from there to the top of that middle finger when his hand is flat, that length is the length of his penis. If you ask your guy to make the “ok” symbol with his thumb and index finger, that’s how thick his dick is when he’s turned on.

    55% of guys are just under 6 inches long. Only 5% are longer than 7 inches. Isn’t Nature thoughtful?

    On the flipside, I’m finding that the smaller a woman’s mouth and feet are, the smaller her pussy is too…

  2. Great story! Actually, I’ve come across tall men with small penises and short men with big penises … never know what to expect! But hey, as long as he knows how to use it effectively … well, you know … that’s what’s important!! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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