Taking A Big Girl Step…GASP!

big girl step

big girl step

It’s no surprise to my readers that when it comes to dating, I’m a serial dater. I enjoy variety, meeting new people and,  being that I’m a bit commitment-phobic, I like the no-strings-attached style of dating multiple people. Rarely do I meet someone that  makes me pause and think about ditching all of this fabulous freedom for a life of exclusivity.

Brace yourself readers, this next bit of info is more shocking than the 4.6 earthquake we New Englanders experienced yesterday. I have recently allowed myself to be labeled as Mr. DJ’s girlfriend AND I’m not the slightest  bit spooked about it. I know, this is a huge big girl step for me! If you remember, I posted about Mr. DJ wanting to label me his girlfriend after just 5 dates and the sheer thought caused a near panic attack. Nearly a month later and I actually like the sound of it. What changed?
We all have out dating checklists of things we are looking for in a mate. When dating multiple people at once, I get to learn what I like and don’t like. This doesn’t make me picky, it makes me an equal opportunity dater! I don’t set out to only date guys who stack up against my invisible checklist, but when I meet someone who just clicks with so many of the characteristics I appreciate in a partner AND we have sexual chemistry, well… queue fireworks!
Mr. DJ is extremely sweet and attentive. He pays attention to the little things and remembers, that’s HUGE to me! He is intelligent, attractive, spontaneous and fun. He is extremely social and can adapt to any situation, which is also a huge plus. We have a lot in common and a  lot of our own separate interests as well (perfect balance) He’s protective and a little territorial, but not jealous, which is perfect since I have a lot of guy friends. He doesn’t get pissy when I am on my phone or when I’m spending time with my BFF (big time brownie points). He’s extremely intuitive and amazingly compassionate. Best part, he knows my faults and wants to be with me anyway (aaww). He knows my history with my ex-husband, knows I’m extremely skiddish about relationships, knows I don’t trust easily, knows I’m selfish and stubborn, and knows I tend to stay inside myself rather than communicate when things are bugging me. It’s also great that we are on the same page with regards to kids and marriage (hell no to any more of either!) He knows all of this and still he wants to stay.
I’m not that great at expressing my feelings, at least not verbally. I’ve never been the gushy girl who is all “oooo my boyfriend is like so super duper awesome. I like heart him so much!” (I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that…gag) But Mr. DJ makes me feel OK with all the mushy stuff. And I kind of like it…SHOCKING!
So I’ve taken the big girl step and allowed myself to be labeled as his girlfriend. He packaged the idea up so nicely I just couldn’t resist. Besides, the firework display compares to the Boston Pops on the 4th! It feels good.

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