Can Your Relationship Survive Bad Sex?

bad sex bad in bed

Any fan of Sex in the City remembers when the girls are chatting about a new interest of Carrie’s— a handsome doctor she met at a book signing— whom Carrie describes as “good on paper”. Samantha being Samantha chimes in with, “you know what they say: good on paper, bad in bed.” Any long time reader of this site knows that I’ve written countless times about bad sex and bad sexual chemistry. I often hear from both men and women, “but this person is amazing on paper, why is the sex so bad?”

And what does that even mean, “good on paper, bad in bed”? I would say it’s an expression more typically used by women to describe a guy who stacks up to their checklist: financial security, looks, personality, values, etc, but either has a small dick or just doesn’t know what the hell to do with a bad sex mindi minkwoman who doesn’t require an air pump!

So, my sexy readers, I decided to take this topic to the masses! As you may know by now, I recently became the host of my own talk radio show called Vixen’s View on Renegade Talk Radio.  I decided to have one of my favorite adult film stars, MILF Goddess Mindi Mink, as my special guest so that we could chat about sexual chemistry. Who better to talk about bad sex versus bad chemistry than a porn star, right?

I met Mindi back in January of 2015 when I interviewed the then new starlet at the Girlfriends Films booth at AVN. Aside from being absolutely fucking gorgeous, Mindi is a genuinely down-to-Earth, sweet as can be girl. She became a webcam girl at the age of 44 and then at 45, while checking out the AVN scene as a spectator, Dan O’Connell of Girlfriends Films scooped her right up! Now, here we are heading into 2017 and Mindi is growing her brand and her following.

Listen:”Perfect” Person, Bad Sex!

Do you agree or disagree with us? Leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know how you feel about whether you can survive bad sex with someone you are dating.

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