Stop Trying to Get Your Boyfriend to Chase You!

get your boyfriend to chase you

OK Ladies, what is going on here?! Articles are popping up all over in the place, online and in print on how to get your boyfriend to chase you. In fact, I just searched those exact terms in Google and it resulted in over 11 million results in less than a minute!

Seriously ladies?!

Since this seems to be something that is on the minds of a lot of females, I decided to do a little researchget your boyfriend to chase you—and by “research” I mean I read several of these articles. Oh, the things I do in the name of writing! Before I go any further on this subject, let me just share with you some of what I found :

  • “Maintain the NO-CONTACT RULE: no matter what happens, DO NOT contact him”
  • “Give him a taste of his own medicine: And by that, i don’t mean make him drink the whole bottle. If he texts you after a few days, DO NOT TEXT HIM RIGHT AWAY even if you want to. If he texts you after a few days, he obviously didn’t care to contact or respond to you. You do the same and wait longer. If he wants to initiate contact, he will do it again.”
  • “Play hard to get. You don’t want to be too easy of a prize to achieve. Don’t answer the phone on the first ring. Make him wait just a few minutes while you finish getting ready for a date.”
  • “Be coy about how you’re spending all your free time – let him wonder! If he’s curious, he’ll start paying more attention to you.
  • “Never allow him to think you are reliant on him”
  • “Don’t always return his phone calls”
  • “Change your mind about things occasionally and keep him guessing.”
  • “Find his weak spots and use them when need be.”

Are you kidding me with this bullshit? I’m sorry ladies, but if you are playing games like this then that is the reason he isn’t interested in you anymore!

get your man to chase youIf you don’t want your man playing games with you, then why would you turn around and play games with him? Isn’t all of this a  bit childish? This isn’t how adults date—or it sure as hell shouldn’t be!

So stop it, stop it right now! Stop playing all of these manipulative, sneaky games. Stop chasing after someone who clearly isn’t interested. Stop trying to change who you are in order to make someone chase you. Most  important, stop reading these bullshit articles on how to get your boyfriend to chase you!


Ladies, if you have to play juvenile games to keep a man’s interest, then honey he’s just not that into you. Men love the hunt, they love the chase. But a man who is only there for the chase is just going to move on and chase someone else no matter what you do once the newness of you wears off.

Know your worth and have some pride women! Have some confidence that when the right guy comes along, the only games or chasing involved should be kinky sex games and chasing each other around the bedroom…naked!

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  1. I always say don’t play hard to get but be hard to forget. I agree, just be yourself, no games required. Stay within your own values and boundaries, whatever they are and be true to yourself. I do think that you need to leave something to the imagination sometimes in terms of flirting with him. The right person will appreciate and respect that. In my experience whatever you “try” and do never works, if someone wants you and they are into you they are present in your life, if not then move on. Great article!

  2. I thought The Rules were so twenty years ago!! Apparently not. Thanks for sharing this – it is really disturbing that a lot of advice is still having women “trick” men into dating them, or making them chase. If a guy is interested, believe me – you will know!!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Women who try to get men to chase them are just setting their relationship up for failure. Relationships should be based on mutual care, love and admiration. If he has to chase you (if you want him to chase you) then there’s nothing really mutual about that!

    • Exactly Doc! If both parties aren’t mutually interested in the relationship, then why are you trying to chase after someone or get someone who is interested in you to chase you? Why would you want someone to stick around who doesn’t want you?

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