Sox On, Socks Off

Sox socks
OK all my lady readers, here is a cold hard fact: Guys find it sexy if you like sports. This shouldn’t be a news flash to any of you. And by “like sports” I don’t mean you should just say you like sports when you really have no clue what’s going on. I do not condone being a “pink shirt” ladies! If a guy sees that you can get all dolled up and be a sex kitten as well as talk sports with him, even if it’s just a little bit, he’ll be putty in your hands! I know because, well,  I’m this girl 😉
Being a Boston girl, I am a tried and true Red Sox fan. I love them when they are up and say “next year will be the year” when they tank it. I have the ESPN app on my phone to catch the scores when I can’t watch and was counting down the minutes to the 4:00 announcement that Bobby V was given the boot. I can name the players (and not just the ones with a nice ass), I know the rules and I know the sound of a ball coming off the sweet spot of the bat. And ladies, I have been told by many a man that they think this is beyond sexy.
So, pick a sport that you think you can follow, even mildly, and learn something about it. Learn a few current facts (for instance if you are going to try and talk baseball right now because of the World Series, you should at least know the teams who are playing) Don’t pick a team because of the colors, that’s being a “pink shirt” and don’t ever wear the pink version of any team’s shirt…or hat. That’s just trying to be cute, not trying to be a fan, and makes you look and appear silly.
Now I’m not saying you have to become a stat expert or that you should only do this to impress men. I don’t think anyone should change who they are for anyone, but it’s nice to have a new conversation topic and if you can talk sports for 5 minutes, trust me…you’re golden! Sports are just like any other current event–politics, education, global warming, if you know enough to get by in a quick conversation then that’s all you need! Give it a try 😉
sox socks
So I bet you are wondering why I titled this post “Sox On, Socks Off”, huh? The “Sox On” part is because being a sports fan, in my case a Red Sox fan, is a turn on to men. The “Socks Off” portion is what I’m going to get in to now.
I’ve always been a fan of accessories during sex- keeping stilettos on (on his shoulders more specifically), costumes, food, handcuffs…you get the point (I hope)! So why is it that keeping socks on during sex makes me cringe? Is it because I prefer complete nudity? I don’t think so since I’m OK with keeping other things, such as stilettos, on. Hmm….. Maybe it’s a tactile thing. I’m not fond of the feel of socks in general, not even on my own feet so I certainly don’t want to feel his sock-clad feet rubbing against me! Maybe it’s because there is really no sexy way to take a sock off. Thigh high stockings, yes! Socks, not so much. You kind of just have to slip them off, nothing sexy there. Every other article of clothing can be ripped off in a moment of passion or slowly and seductively peeled off… except for socks.
Maybe it’s just me and my own weird sex quirk. What do you think? Socks on or socks off?
So to recap (as I check my ESPN app for the time of tonight’s Cardinals v. Giants game): some sports knowledge=sexy, Socks on during sex= not sexy.
Class dismissed!

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