So here I blog…

starting a blog

starting a blog

Oh, the pressure of the very first blog post! This is almost as bad as keeping the conversation going on a first date. Perhaps I should start with a short introduction to break the ice.

Yes, as the blog title suggests, I’m a single girl living in Boston. I won’t disclose my age (and you should never ask a woman her age anyway, it’s just poor manners), but I will say that I am old enough to know better and still to young to care. I am recently divorced (please, don’t feel bad, I don’t) and thoroughly enjoying being single again, especially with all of the wisdom and knowledge I have gained since the last time I was single.

Life is all about experience and I am determined to live it to the fullest and take full advantage of every opportunity that presents itself… and blog about it. Names will be changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent as the case may be), but I assure you that should you decide to stay and read nothing else will be fabricated. Real life is always far more interesting than fiction. Stay tuned…

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