Slap That MotorBunny Ass!

MotorBunny Jiggle Butt

Any regular reader of my (mis)adventures or listener of my radio show can attest to the fact that nothing about sex phases me. So why couldn’t I stop giggling like a 15 year old girl who just found Playgirl for the firs time when I heard about the newest toy from MotorBunny—jiggle butt ?!MotorBunny Jiggle Butt

Trust me, the giggling stopped and the OMG’s began when I stopped by the MotorBunny booth at AVN to touch, feel and slap that MotorBunny ass!

But, what exactly is a “motorbunny”?

Well, according to their website, and their very handsome founders, MotorBunny “is a saddle-style vibrator.” One of the founders, Craig Mewbourne, added during our  interview, ” You ride on top, it has multiple attachments, some strictly for vibration and some are for penetration and both rotate and vibrate.”

The attachments vary depending on your preference and sexual desires. The starter kit comes with four TPE attachments. There are also attachments made out of 100% silicone. As I walked around the booth, checking out the array of dildo attachments and the featured “jiggle butt” attachment, the aspect that piqued my interest most was the bluetooth feature,which will be available in the  coming months, but I was able to try out at the show. Without giving away any trade secrets, the general idea is to be able to control the MotorBunny using a Bluetooth enabled device, such as your phone or iPad.

Given that I’m such as ass girl, I could not get away from the one attachment that just hours ago had me giggling and snickering—the jiggle butt. As I MotorBunny Jiggle Buttstood there with my hands on the ass, I asked Craig to tell me a bit more about this attachment.

“We were talking about ways where we could get men more involved in the product experience. Of course, couples really enjoy it together, ‘we thought why should ladies have all of the fun?’ so we decided to come up with the industry’s first, male-only, ride-on-top vibrator attachment. Jiggle butt is the name because A) it jiggles and you can slap it around and it’s a lot of fun. Jiggle Butt was actually kind of a project code name until we said it’s just too dumb and perfect to not keep it, hence, the MotorBunny jiggle butt!”

I could see how men would find this attachment appealing. I couldn’t keep my hands off of it! It’s a thick, juicy silicone booty that has two holes—anal and vaginal— that jiggles a bit on the MotorBunny, but also as you fuck and slap it.

If you want to learn more about MotorBunny and their offerings, visit their website and check them out on Twitter @MotorBunny

** Congrats to MotorBunny on winning the 2017 AVN “O” Award for Outstanding Powered Product! **

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