Shameless Survival for Every Single Girl

single girl survival
Single girl survival

OK Ladies, we’ve all had those fantastic nights where we are out with a guy and things are going better than expected. Whether we started the night with him (a.k.a a date) or we met him that night, you are hitting it off with this guy, drink after drink, dance after dance, touch after touch. You stay until last call, neither one of you wanting the night to end, so you end up back at his place. Things heat up, clothes go flying, rooms are torn up, neighbors are disturbed. It’s all fabulously hot until the next morning when you are leaving his apartment in broad daylight looking like a hot mess!

The solution to looking more hot than messy is simple, Always be prepared! Yes, that’s right I just quoted the freakin’ boy scouts. With just a few simple items that you can easily toss into a small purse you can transform yourself from a not so hot mess into a shameless beauty in minutes the morning after a hook up.

When you are getting ready to go out you should always toss in the following items:

  • A couple bandaids (walking all over Boston, or even from the T to the club in cute shoes always causes blisters!)
  • A travel toothbrush (CVS 2 pack folding travel toothbrushes $1.99 and are the size of a tampon when folded)
  • Facial wipes (I chose the Neutrogena 7 count travel pack $2.49 at CVS)
  • Dry Shampoo (I chose a travel size Tresemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo for $2.49 at CVS)
  • A compact (I have the Loreal True Match super-blendable with SPF 17& oil free. I think it was about $10 at CVS. It’s a lightweight cream that  includes the applicator and mirror in a thin package. Perfect!)
  • A combo eyeliner/eyeshadow (I have Elf’s cream purple shadow on one end and self-sharpening plum liner on the other end. $1 at Target)
  • a tinted lip balm or your chosen lip color from the night before (I have Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine to replenish my lips after a long night of…well..using my lips! I believe it was about $5 at CVS )
  • An ouchless elastic ( I ALWAYS have these on hand!)
All of these items fit perfectly into my tiny coach bag (pictured above) and I can still throw in my keys, phone, I.D, Charlie Card and cash!
Armed with these items you can easily, and quickly, use the facial wipes to clean off last night’s makeup (um hello Raccoon eyes!) and also to freshen up your “ladies parts” including your arm pits so you don’t feel like a dirty, sweaty mess. Snag a bit of his toothpaste on your travel brush to take care of your teeth and breath. Next, spray the dry shampoo into your hair according to the directions on the bottle (each one is different), run your fingers through and you can decide to leave it down or, using the ouchless elastic, do a quick, cute braid, pony or bun. Pull out that compact and quickly swipe it under eyes and all over your face before moving on to your eyes and lips. In under 10 minutes you have transformed yourself from a freak show of a hot mess to a “this is my lazy day” look.
Ladies, it may be called the walk of shame, but there is no reason to look shameful as you walk it! XOXO

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