Sex Confessions: The Night I Dominated the Limo Driver

sex confessions

It’s true what they say: Las Vegas is Sin City. Being that I’m a rule breaker and love to push the limits, Las Vegas is the perfect playground for this Boston Single Girl; it’s limitless! Since people keep asking me, “How was Vegas,” I figured I’d start with my own version of Sex Confessions. Gather ’round kids and get comfy as I tell you about the night I dominated the limo driver.

As anyone who reads my antics knows, I’m a pretty sexually charged person to begin with, but mix in the limitless citysex confessions of Las Vegas along with being surrounded  by sex at AVN week, and I was DTF (down to fuck) 24/7! (Usually I require a little break to sleep, hydrate, eat… lol)

Having never had the opportunity to explore the strip clubs in Vegas, and seeing that one of my favorite starlets (Allie Haze) was going to be at a local club during AVN week, I set up a V.I.P trip to Sapphire gentlemen’s club through a club promoter named Krissy.

Sex Confessions

After working my ass off all day running all over the Hard Rock for the second day in a row doing interview after interview, I was ready for some fun when that limo arrived to pick us up!

I have to say that, having been to many a strip club in New England, I was less than impressed with Sapphire. Never the less, I made the best of it, had a couple of their very over priced drinks, made it rain for a couple of girls and made out with one or two (or three…). I was very disappointed that Allie was simply making an appearance and not actually stripping. **A note about “strip” clubs in Vegas, they are just topless,  not full nude. There are some full nude I’m told, but they don’t have alcohol.**

After being surrounded by gorgeous, fuck-worthy men and women all day at AVN, and having tits and ass thrown in my face all night, I was fully charged and ready for some seriously kinky sex. I didn’t care where, I didn’t even care how, I just wanted the D!

Having only been at the club for  couple of hours, by 1 AM we were ready to bail in search of some wild kink of our own. And we found it!

The limo picked us up at the club and as soon as we were safely inside, I did what any good girl would do in my situation—I got down on my knees, unzipped Mr. Sports Fans pants and gave him a nice, wet blow job.

The driver asked if we minded that he was there, to which I replied mid-slurp, “Hell no!” Mr. Sports Fan echoed my sentiments as I went back to work ravaging his meat stick. Knowing that this would likely be a quickie because we weren’t far from our hotel, I peeled off my leather pants and mounted Mr. Sports Fan. He held on to my stilettos as I rode him while our driver watched.

“Oh my GOD! This is so hot” is all the driver kept saying, along with, “I wish I could come  back there.”

So, we invited him back to watch us.

He pulled over in the parking lot of one of the hotels, climbed in the back and watched, jerking himself off, as Mr. Sports Fan climbed on top and drilled me good!

Being the dominant bitch that I am, I was talking shit to the driver the whole time:

“Do you like watching his massive cock fuck my tight hole?”

At  one point I grabbed the drivers hand and let  him feel how wet Mr. Sports Fan had made me after I squirted.

The driver begged me to cum.

“Please, Mistress, please let me cum.”

As Mr. Sports Fan continued to bang me, I reached over and grabbed the driver’s balls and told him to cum for me like a good boy. Shocked by my action, he exploded. Mr. Sports Fan and I finished a few minutes later and quickly got dressed as the driver resumed our trip to pick up his next batch of V.I.P’s

When the three Brazilian gentlemen climbed inside with us, one said something in Brazilian to the other to and they laughed.

We asked what he said and, in his sexy, thick accent he said, “He say it smell like…..pussy…. in here.”

Yes, gentlemen, yes it does.


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