Sex, Addiction and Stupidity


Sex, addiction and stupidity. Sounds like a fun time, maybe? Throw in some humor and you’ve got yourself a party! Dan, over at Limit Break Studios, recently wrote a book entitled Limit Break: a Memoir of Sex, Addiction and Downright Stupidity and I have to say, I’m only 4 chapters in, but this shit is hilarious! Between sexcapades and wild times, he and I could go story for story.

I first met Dan last summer at Comic Con; I was helping Mr. Sports Fan with his booth and Dan was there promoting his company, Limit Break Studios. We got to talking, exchanged business cards and viola! Instant business connection made.

Dan and I are kinda similar, except I’m so Boston and he’s, well…. he’s a New Yorker, likely a Yankees fan too, but I’ve been able to look past that because he’s easy on the eyes and writes some funny shit! He writes the guys perspective on dating and single life in the big city through his video blogs on YouTube, and he tells it pretty much like I do—straight forward, no bullshit, raw and dirty.

His new book title says it all! Stories of wild nights with an engaged bi-sexual/lesbian couple in Foxwoods, being set up with a prostitute, and a bunch of other wildly crazy, but hilarious, shit. If you’re looking for a good book that you can laugh at because you can relate to it (or know someone who has done the shit Dan’s done), then chances are you’ll love this book.

Why  not hop on over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Kobo and grab your copy of Dan’s tale of sex, addiction and stupidity while you still can. Tell him Boston Single Girl sent ya 😉


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