Romance and the Red Sox

romance red sox
red sox romance
Are Jenn and Ben the only real life couple to survive a love affair with each other and the game?
Ah, love and baseball. Is it possible to have both? Hollywood would have us believe so, what with movies live Fever Pitch, Bull Durham, even the recent movie Trouble With the Curve had a love story in the background. But, can we have a love affair with baseball and a significant other at the same time?
As a tried and true Red Sox fan, this Boston girl can tell you first hand that it’s anything but easy! 17 Red Sox home games in April. Seventeen! To say that Mr. Sports Fan and I are both extremely overworked, beyond exhausted, and excited about our home team all at the same time is an understatement. True, the boys just ended a 7 game winning streak this afternoon, but game two of today’s double header just started, so they have another chance to beat Kansas City today (Go Sox!)
Mr. Sports Fan and I started off this month both doubtful we would make it through the game heavy April schedule alive and sane, let alone still together. But here we are 21 days into the month, at the beginning of a loooooong home stand (7 more days) and we are still holding strong. I’m actually very proud of both of us; we’ve had two fights, some bickering, but it’s over quickly (except for that one night, Damn! that was awful!)
While this month hasn’t been spent going out as often as we were pre-season, or staying up late watching movies (mostly because we have to be up early for day games), we’ve definitely managed to still have quality time with each other and keep the spark alive through all of the stress.
Like our beloved Sox, there are good days and bad days. Some days we’re pitching a no hitter and it’s amazing, other days we’re slugging it out like Varitek and A-Rod. Communication and being big enough to apologize have been game savers for us!
Seven more home games left in April including tonight; a few days off and then back at it for another seven. Then, our vacation, the (temporary) light at the end of the tunnel.
This Boston girl is learning how to balance a romance and the Red Sox.


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