Not All Relationships End Because They’re Bad

end of relationships

end of relationships

Everyone—single, dating, in a relationship or presently married—has had their fair share of shitty relationships. Let’s face it, in the cesspool called ‘dating’, it’s far easier to find a shitty match and end up in relationship hell than it is to put the effort into finding a soul mate.

But what happens when things just end, not because they’re bad, but just…because?

It’s no secret that I’ve dated a lot! Sure, I’ve had my share (and probably a few other girl’s portions as well) or really horrible men. I mean just plain ol’ fucked up dudes…seriously! But for as many bad men as I’ve graced with the honor of dating me, I’ve also dated some pretty terrific guys as well.

When I think back over the years to all of the men, and boys if I really go back down memory lane, there are a few great ones that really stick out in my mind—guys who I’m still friends with today despite the fact that we didn’t work as a couple.

So, why do things end if they were such great guys and I’m obviously a catch? (wink, wink) Lots of reasons! When I was young and naive, distance and a poor attention span played a factor. More recently, I realized that, for some guys, we were better off as friends, there really wasn’t any sexual chemistry between us, or that sex was the only thing we really had in common. There were a few that, when push came to shove, our personalities just didn’t mesh. I’m a city girl who is constantly on the go and I can’t have a guy who not only can’t keep up, but won’t. I’m also very ambitious and career-oriented, so a guy who doesn’t share those traits really doesn’t understand me as a person and it can become an issue.

Trust me, I’ve ended plenty a relationship over lying, cheating, drug problems, game playing, emotional baggage (a.k.a they weren’t over their ex), money (as in I paid for everything and they mooched off me), and just an outright lack of support and team work. Looking back on my long, long, dating road though, I’ve really had more relationships end on a good note than I have on a bad. That may be why I’ve been able to remain friends with most of my exes.

Not all relationships end because they’re bad, sometimes they end because two good people are just meant for someone, or something, else.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re trying to figure out where things went wrong.


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  1. Not every breakup has to be the end of the world, you’re right. It’s important to look at what you got from the relationship, the lesson learned and move forward without looking back. Sometimes I think people are in our lives for a reason and when that reason is over then the relationship is over. I have even experienced it with friendships. Great post!

  2. Great points, BSG! Growing up (aka getting older) puts a lot of past relationships into perspective. I believe everyone comes into my life for a reason, sometimes that’s only for a day, a few weeks or a couple of years. Maybe I’ll meet someone who stays in my life longer than that someday, but I’m learning to accept every relationship, as small or large for what it is–a gift! Cheesy? Kinda, but I guess that’s where I’m at right now. 🙂 Great post!

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