Please Check Your Drama At The Door!

check your drama at the door

There’s nothing worse than drama, or more specifically relationships that involve drama. I honestly just can’t be bothered with people like this, no matter how much I like them (or in some cases want to fuck them). If I’m at a party or out with someone and all of a sudden the conversation turns from flirting to, “Oh My Gosh and then this happened, and he said this, and she did that and…” I honestly just tune out and in my head I’m screaming, “NEXT!!” Please people, I’m here to have fun so check your drama check your drama at the doorat the door, relax and have a good time!

I was at a party one night, drinking, flirting and having a good time of course. I met this gorgeous girl who I was absolutely attracted to until…:::drum roll::: the drama train arrived! The worst part was, as she told this long drawn out tale (insert eye roll by everyone present) she cast herself as the victim.

Honey, PUH-leeze!

Drama doesn’t just happen to you by accident. Drama is something you invite into your life, create for yourself or you’re associated with people who bring drama into your life. Either way, it’s not some fluke thing and you are not a victim princess, so get over yourself.

People who have drama in their lives, in my experience, have very low self-esteem and are attention whores. They have this need to always play the victim, to have people feel sorry for them and to keep the focus of everything on them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a loyal friend and would give the shirt off my back and stilettos of my feet to help a friend. For anyone that has seen the movie The Town, I’m Jim in this scene (one of my favorites):

With that said, I don’t do drama. I’m a pretty laid back person for the most part. Don’t fuck with me or my family, and we’re good. I let a lot slide, I don’t judge others; I’m more of a live and let live kinda gal.

So, when I first meet someone and they are already dishing their drama to me, that’s a red flag to grab my fucking drink and RUN!

People, I’m just here for a good time so can you do us all a favor and check your drama at the door?

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  1. What’s funny, is if people had learned her tale on their OWN, they may have actually seen her as a victim or someone who didn’t deserve such treatment, but once you start trash talking someone you’re supposed to be with, even if it’s not serious, well, it’s just bad news. What IS IT WITH PEOPLE. Especially when everyone is out just to take a load off and have a good time!!!?

  2. I despise drama. Some people seem to have drama follow them, but most of them create it. They manufacture trouble even when it’s not there. I absolutely cannot stand it. It’s a waste of time on top of being stressful. I’ve worked hard to remove negativity (bad people) from my life and I’m enjoying the results of it!

  3. I agree … some people are just consumed by drama. They attract it because they love it. They need the attention, they need a story to tell and worst of all they think you care. I mean we all have drama queen moments once in a while but when it becomes who you are and you’re defined by the drama that follows you like a parasite then there’s a problem. Great post!

    • I’ll admit to having my own drama queen moments, especially with the ex-hubby, but I think as you grow up and mature as a person you see that it’s just not necessary. I find that the true drama queens are insecure and have nothing real to offer to anyone so they have to create drama in order to feel relevant.

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