Opportunity Knocks

opportunity knocks

opportunity knocks

Alexander Graham Bell once said that “when one door closes, another opens”. So, it shouldn’t come as a shock or surprise that when my dating life hands me a shitload of lemons behind door number one, I trade them in for the limes and tequila behind door number two! I haven’t heard from Mr. G-spot in about a month now. Door closed. Knock, knock, knock…I opened the door and found Mr. Electricity.

Mr. Electricity and I met online, exchanged several emails, then phone numbers and texts for a couple of weeks prior to our first meeting. What was meant to be a quick lunch date turned into us eating and talking for 4 1/2 hours, neither of us realizing how much time had passed until the waitress made it known. We immediately made plans to see each other again the following weekend. He planned an amazing date: dinner and drinks at a popular bar that recently opened and I’ve been dying to try (and had mentioned during our lunch conversation so, he was paying attention), de lux movie (meaning the seats are love seats rather than traditional movie seats and a waitress comes and serves you) followed by dancing in the parking lot, a conversation that lasted three hours and LOTS of kissing!

All week, through text, we talked about how unreal it is that we can so easily talk about anything and everything for hours on end with never an awkward moment of silence, and seem to lose all track of time. “We’re in a world of our own. Maybe because we’re so engrossed that we don’t care what’s going on around us.” is Mr. Electricity’s take on it. We’ve talked about everything from religion, to politics, to past experiences and relationships, to current needs and wants, to future aspirations and every obscure, goofy, random thought that popped into our heads in between!

This past weekend we really put things to the test–we spent an entire weekend together AND I introduced him to my best friend. Not only was he social and personable enough to adapt to any situation I threw him in over the weekend, but we didn’t once get on each other’s nerves. I can be a little (OK extremely) anal about other people being in my space, but not once did we have an issue the entire weekend.

Another BIG step–he mentioned the “R” word several times…you know the one: relationship, and it didn’t spook me at all. Even with Mr. G-spot I would have said “Peace! I’m OUT!” if he had uttered that word in my presence. Hell, the fact that Mr G-spot told his mother about me made me break out in cold sweats! But something about Mr. Electricity is different. Maybe because he’s the one slowing me down, being a little old-fashioned and insisting we get to know each other personally, mentally, before we know each other sexually. That’s unique and, at first, I was taken aback and not sure how I felt about that since I consider sex to be a very important part of a relationship. Sexual chemistry, or lack of it, can make or break a relationship. The fact of the matter is, I’m finally in a place since my divorce where I want everything Mr. Electricity is offering up to me on a silver platter. I want a relationship.

Opportunity has knocked and I’ve opened the door…just enough to take a peek at what’s on the other side.

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