Now That Was a Swingers Party!


A couple weeks ago, right after my trip to Sin City (Las Vegas for you boring folks), Mr. Sports Fan and I went to a swingers party. I know, I know… after all of the porn and kink that ensued in Vegas, did we really need to go to a swingers party a few days later? Fuck yes!

One of the clubs we belong to hosts monthly parties, and this particular one was a hotel party which means that we had full use of the hotel for this private party. And oh, what a night it turned out to be!

First things first, my ex, Mr. DJ, text me a few weeks ago telling me he was going to be the DJ for this particular party. Since Mr. Sports Fan didn’t have a problem with it (and why should he? ) and I was perfectly fine with it, we decided we wouldn’t let it stop us. We got to the hotel around 9 pm, checked in, quickly converted our clothing from casual and appropriate everyday wear to sexy and slutty (he was sexy, I was slutty).

Donned in a tight black lace tank dress, fishnets and black stilettos, I grabbed hold of Mr. Sports Fan’s arm and we entered the dining room/dance/party area of the hotel. As we were checking ourselves in to the party, chatting with our hosts, I glanced over at the DJ booth and caught Mr. DJ checking me out. Of course I had to go over, say eat your heart out hug him, give him a peck on the cheek and say, “hi.” (insert evil grin and maniacal laughter here). Aside from that one encounter, and me telling him the music was deafening for the small space we were in, we really didn’t interact much.

Oh wait! There was that one incident on the dance floor when I was dancing with this smoking hot girl who I couldn’t keep my hands off of and he came out of the booth and we sandwiched her on the dance floor. But that was it. (I ended up stealing her from him later on haha!)

We socialized with several couples, danced, drank and had a good time. After the party portion of the night comes the fun part — the after party! This is where we let it all come off in the designated party rooms or in our own rooms.

We met this really cool married couple and jumped in the hot tub with them and another couple… oh and the smoke show I was dancing with earlier. (Damn she could kiss!) A soak in the hot tub lead to an orgy on the bed— two married couples, Mr. Sports Fan and I. No smoke show, her boyfriend was being a dick and made her go away (we were all very sad). Come on dude! It’s a friggen’ swingers party!

Just as things were getting really hot and about to go further than just oral play, the cops show up! Apparently someone at the party was a bit of a party pooper, was asked by the host to leave, and then decided to try and spoil everyone else’s fun. It didn’t work because we just invited everyone back to our room and locked the door behind us!

Now, Mr. Sports Fan and I have always been a ‘soft swap’ couple at these things. For those of you who don’t know what that swingers term means, it means that we do everything short of actual intercourse with someone other than our partner. But since we had already crossed that line in Vegas, I kept an even more open mind than usual at this party.

With the lights turned down and the door locked, the six of us picked up were the mood was killed by the invasion of the local authorities. (They were actually very nice by the way and I’m sure they had stories to tell when they got back to the station about having to break up a swingers party!) Everyone was licking and sucking everyone else… girl-girl, guy-girl, all three girls, two girls and a guy… Math has never been this fun babies! One couple left and it was just the four of us.

She was respectful and asked her husband while he was fucking her if it was OK if she asked me if she could fuck Mr. Sports Fan. I thought that was hot. Then she played with me while Mr. Sports Fan was fucking me and she was demanding he fuck me harder. That was really hot. And then when she asked my permission while he was playing with me and eating her pussy, that was hot. But, him begging me and asking me “Please Mistress? Please can I have permission to fuck her?” Now that was the hottest! I made him beg me for permission to fuck her and then when he slipped inside her, I told him, “Now fuck her like you fuck me,” and I held his balls while he balled her and made out with me, asking me if he was doing a good job. Everyone came so yes, good job my obedient sex slave.

We’re so incredibly filthy.

Keep it filthy my sexy readers…


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