My First Dose of Sex With Sunny Megatron

Sex with Sunny Megatron

At the AVN Expo in January (2015), I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Sunny Megatron, host of Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron. So just who is Sunny Megatron?

Well, I can assure you she is not the long lost daughter of a Transformer…I know…I asked her how she got the name “Megatron” and whether it was a Transformers reference. Sadly, it’s not. But I digress. Sunny Megatron is a sex positive adult sex educator, award winning sex blogger, public speaker and self-proclaimed superhero. Truthfully, she’s a bad ass. She does it all!Sex with Sunny Megatron

Like I said, I had the pleasure of sitting for a chat with Sunny and her husband, producer Ken Melvoin-Berg, at the AVN Expo. She was so much fun to talk to; friendly, open and no holds bar. I love that!

Since her Showtime show, Sex with Sunny Megatron,which focuses on sex positive adult sex education, just completed airing it’s first season, I wanted to talk to Sunny a bit about her ideas surrounding sex education. I asked Sunny to share her thoughts with me on the future of sex ed in America and how porn impacts sex ed. “Kids watch porn and think that’s how sex is. As parents, you have to talk to your kids. Abstinence only programs are not working. When the education is pleasure based and well-rounded, those kids seem to wait to have sex.” And then she gave me the best quote ever:

“Learning how to have sex by watching porn is like watching Fast and Furious and learning how to drive!”

As my readers know, I like kinky sex, well, so does Sunny and she loves to educate and talk to people about BDSM. I asked her why she thought BDSM and “fetish sex” seems to be becoming more popular lately and she thinks, “it’s the internet. You can find it all on the internet and know that ‘Hey there’s other people like me who are into this too, I’m not a freak.’ Also, the popularity of the 50 Shades series has brought it more into the mainstream and made people start talking, which is always good.”

Losing that spark in the bedroom when you’re married or in a relationship is always a hot topic for sex and dating bloggers. I’m always writing about sexual chemistry and how to put the kink back into your relationship. So, of course I asked sexpert Sunny if she had any tips for how to have better sex. “Get to know yourself: masturbate, know your own boundaries and desires. Communicate with your partner when you are not naked, in a neutral territory (so not the bedroom) and just listen to each other, no judging. Then…go try it!”

There you have it people; I say it all the time, but now you  have it straight from a sexpert: The key to great sex is to know yourself and to communicate!

Season 1 of Sunny’s show, Sex with Sunny Megatron, can be found on Showtime (it’s on demand for those with Comcast) and I highly recommend watching it. You can learn more about Sunny, read her blog, or check out a sex class or two of hers at her site

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