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Joanna Angel

When you think bad ass female porn star, who comes to mind? If you said Joanna Angel, then you’re a fucking genius! Adult superstar, AVN Hall of Famer and BurningAngel Entertainment “C-E-Hoe” Joanna Angel is the definition of bad ass when it comes to females in the adult industry. Oh, andJoanna Angel if all of that isn’t impressive enough for you, she received 31 AVN Award nominations for excellence this year! So…umm…yeah. 

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with punk rock porn princess, Ms. Joanna Angel, a couple weeks ago at the 2017 AVN Awards and Expo in Las Vegas. I have to admit, of all of the interviews I’ve ever done, I was a little intimidated at the thought of interviewing this porntreprenuer and porn icon. Strange coming from me, I know, because I’m so alpha I don’t give a shit, but maybe it’s because I have a secret fantasy of being dominated by a woman and she’s just the one who could do it. All 5’2″ of her.

But, I digress.

For the last four years I have wanted to interview Joanna, but for one reason or another (i.e. my busy schedule or hers), it never works out. As all busy C-E-Hoes, Joanna was busy and time was of the essence, but I was appreciative to have even a few minutes of her time to chat.

My Chat with Bad Ass Joanna Angel

I started off with the most obvious of fanboy/fangirl questions, “How did Burning Angel come about?”

“When I was in college, my senior year of college, I, um, decided to start a porn site. I don’t know. It was kind of on a whim. I didn’t that that at the time this was gonna be my whole career and my whole life, but I started it and here we are now.” Joanna started Burning Angel back in 2002 and it was dubbed, “alternative (alt) porn” by the industry. I asked Joanna about this label of being the trailblazer for the “alt porn” genre.

“I don’t know, to me it’s silly. People call me a trailblazer and I get embarrassed because I’m like ‘all I did was call tattooed girls hot’, which, to me, is really obvious, and I feel silly being a trailblazer for thinking that and doing that. It’s like, oh, I thought tattooed girls were hot and I put them in pornos, like, it sounds so archaic now. It’s like saying, oh, like, imagining a time when women didn’t have the right to vote. It just seems so ridiculous that that actually was a thing once upon a time, ya know?”

She added, “When burning Angel first came out, the media and, everything in porn has to go into categories, and I think people did not know what category to put my porn in, so people just kept calling it ‘alt porn’. I’ve actually always really hated the word, it’s like, what does that really mean?”

Alternative to what?

“Well that’s what everybody wanted to call it, and it kinda became a category, but I’ve actually been going away from the category now, ya know. I think tattooed girls are pretty mainstream now, it’s a thing, so I’m trying to just brand Burning Angel for being Burning Angel and obviously everyone knows what our brand is associated with, but I’ve tried to stop using the term ‘alt porn’, so I only use it if I have to.”

With 31 nominations for this year’s AVN Awards, I wanted to know what new ventures, if any, Joanna has for Burning Angel this year.

“Well, actually, in just a couple weeks I’m launching a virtual reality website. It’s gonna be The ‘coming soon’ page is up, so you can look at that ‘coming soon’ page, it’s a very nice ‘coming soon’ page. So, that’s our newest venture. I’m still gonna keep shooting our regular pornos, I’ll think of some new ideas, some new lines; we’ve got a bunch of new girls.” I asked about new girls and Joanna made reference to one “pretty new” girl, who happened to be signing at the booth, Chloe.

Aside from her Fleshlight, which launched a couple years ago, and her line of BDSM toys with Stockroom, she’d like to launch her own herbal version or Viagra and launching a liquor (I asked which and she said, “whiskey’. Very fitting for Burning Angel’s brand, dontcha think?)

I ended our chat by asking Joanna if there was anything she’d like to let fans know. “If you haven’t seen Cindy Queen of Hell, please go watch it. It was my biggest movie last year, it’s up for a lot of awards, I hope we take home something.” (Joanna Angel got her wish; she won Best Supporting Actress for Cindy Queen of Hell!)

If you naughty little pervs want to learn more about Burning Angel or it’s C-E-Hoe, Joanna Angel, you go to, follow Joanna on Twitter and Instagram.

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