Mistress May I?

mistress may I
mistress may I
Being dominant when it comes to sex is not easy for a lot of women. Ladies, I’m here to tell you that wielding your superiority over your man is not only liberating and empowering, but it’s sexy as hell! How, you ask? Keep reading…
I’m not talking about putting on a costume that’s only going to (hopefully) end up in a pile on the floor. You don’t even need to involve whips or restraints (unless you want to). Dominance is all about confidence! And ladies, confidence is sexy! Be confident in the fact that your guy already finds you sexy and use that to assert yourself and get exactly what you want, how you want it. Tease him into submission. Every man has a fetish or fantasy, find out what his is and then use that to your advantage.
Don’t get me wrong ladies, I’m all for being dominated myself. I love being tied up or handcuffed, spanked, hair pulled, teased and completely dominated during sex. But being in complete control and making him beg to fuck me is also a huge turn on!
I recently turned the most dominant Alpha-male that I have ever met into my submissive sex slave… Mr. Sports Fan. He’s a typical always-in-charge Marine, so he was completely taken aback one night when, feeding into a fantasy/fetish of his, I answered the door wearing nothing but a sexy bra and panty set, thigh high stockings and slutty red stilettos. His jaw hit the floor and he was mine to command. Armed with the little tidbit of info that stockings, hot nails and slutty stilettos drive him insane, I turned this super dominant, alpha-male, hard core Marine into my groveling, begging, foot worshiping slave. I  make him not only ask to touch me, but I make him beg, grovel on his knees even,  before I look him in the eye and grant him permission to pleasure me. It’s got to be the dirtiest, kinkiest sex I’ve ever had, honestly, and that’s saying a lot because I’m pretty limitless !!(but so is he so it makes it that much hotter! )
Sexual dominance isn’t a one way street with Mr. Sports Fan and I. We both have very dominant personalities and sometimes power struggles ensue during sex, which is super hot! (Yes, I know, I’m a kinky bitch! lol) The tables turn quite often, keeping this game of “who’s in control now bitch” pretty equally played out in the end.
Some tips in case you plan to assert your dominance with your man:
1. Trust your partner. If you don’t trust each other, you can’t fully relax and embrace what’s going on.
2. Have a safe word that you both agree on before hand
3. Discuss in advance what turns you off as well as what turns you on. Nothing will kill the mood faster than being made to do something (or having something done to you) that makes you uncomfortable in any way.
4. Remember, it’s all fun and games. If one partner is being overly aggressive (in speech or actions) don’t take it personally. It’s just role playing, acting if you will. If you don’t have a thick enough skin for some of the things that may come out of your partners mouth,  be sure to discuss that in advance.
5. If you need some pointers to get you started, try the book The Mistress Manual 
Go forth and dish out spankings ladies. That’s an order 😉

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