Memories, Muscles and Moaning, OH MY!

muscles and moaning

muscles and moaning

My legs may never stop quivering after the weekend I just had! Who needs the gym when you have plenty of available men who supply fantastic cardio workouts?

My weekend playtime began with a date Thursday night with Mr. SportsFan. We met for dinner, had a great meal and great conversation (which seems to come very easily for us). The night was still young so he asked if I wanted to take a ride with him to his office. He was very enthusiastic about showing me every aspect of his business so that I could better understand him and his hectic life. I was actually pretty excited about seeing the sports memorabilia, books, etc as well as learning more about what makes him…well….him, so I agreed. We hopped in his car and off we went chatting and flirting the entire time (of course). He showed me everything! As we walked through the warehouse, anytime he could see that something caught my attention, he’d tell me the story of how he acquired it. It really was a  lot of fun! He went off to deal with an employee while I wandered further into the warehouse. We intended to leave and go grab drinks after this. After a few minutes I wandered back to his desk and sat on it while he finished speaking to his employee. Up until this point we were both being very flirtatious, but also on our best behavior…though I don’t know why! We are both very sexually charged people and the attraction was so obvious, lol. Once his employee left, he turned around, looked at me sitting on his desk and said “OMG I have to kiss you. Kiss me” and…so we kissed. WOW! What a kiss! It’s not easy to find someone who is a good kisser, let alone a great kisser…forget about someone whose mouth just fits perfectly with yours and you both just instinctively know exactly how to kiss the other one…*sigh* there are no words to describe it. That kiss led to several more and before we knew it we were making out on his desk! He stood in front of me, and I wrapped my legs around his waste. He lifted me up, carried me and put me on top of a packing table where we continued to kiss. After this went on for a bit, he lifted me up and carried me through the warehouse to the sitting area and lay me down on the office couch. This is where things got hot! We let passion and recklessness take over and before we knew it shoes and clothing were flying! Of course, both of us having very dominant personalities, one would think that sex would be disastrous between us because we’d both be fighting for control over the other… WRONG! We instantly locked eyes and connected, neither of us having to say a single word, each one knowing when to be submissive and when to dominate. It was fuckin hot! Afterwards we were both speechless and we lay there trying to figure a logic explanation for the entire event. How can two people who barely know each other be so incredibly in tune with each other?? Eventually we decided to stop trying to analyze whatever was going on and just go with it. He drove me home and within 30 minutes we were on the phone with each other… for the next three hours! WTF?! This is  not me! I actually don’t like the phone and there are very few people I actually answer the phone for (my BFF and… um… yup that’s about it)! So why the fuck was I on the phone with this man for THREE HOURS! Not to mention that our shortest phone conversation so far has been an hour! I don’t like to talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes. You wanna talk to me? Text me damn it ’cause I don’t have time! But somehow, time just flies by and neither of us realizes that an hour, or three, has passed. It’s the oddest thing really. We hung up the phone with each other at a little past 3 a.m agreeing to talk later when we woke up.

So, still on the high from the previous night (and still trying to reason and rationalize the entire thing in my head all day), on Friday I was kind of dreading the drink plans I had with Mr G-spot.  He had been asking me for MONTHS now to meet up with him, but either our schedules didn’t align or one of us would flake on the other at the last minute. I begrudgingly got dressed and met him Friday night for drinks, half hoping that he’d call just as I was walking out the door and cancel on me, but it didn’t happen. It turns out I’m actually kind of glad that I went through with it. You see, I kind of had this image in my head of the good things with Mr G-Spot way back when. I also knew in my head that my heart couldn’t take seeing him again, falling in infatuation with him again and then having him play with me like he did before. To say I was leery is an understatement. As soon as I saw him that night at the bar, those blue eyes…ggrrr!!!! He absolutely made me nervous, or maybe I made myself nervous because I ended up drinking 3 of my “special drinks”– a concoction of Southern Comfort, Captain Morgan’s and Amaretto with a splash of pineapple juice that he came up with for me on our very 1st date well over a year ago. I knew what his plan was and I was going to let him have his way because, well, honestly because I needed to get him out of my system. We finished our drinks, hit the liquor store for some chocolate martini ingredients I was missing at home and went back to my place. Two martinis in and we decided our clothes would look better in a pile on my floor. So…umm…ya, about that…. he is so not worthy of the name Mr G-Spot anymore! He no longer wows me, not even a little. I mean, it was fun, but NO WHERE near the earth shattering, mind blowing, leg  numbing, can’t walk for 45 minutes because my legs are still trembling sex that I remember from last year! Not even close to being in the same vicinity! But, like I said, I needed to be with him one last time and get him out of my system so that I could officially and forever say… NEEEXXXT!  I sent him on his way and very happily went to bed alone Friday night. 🙂

Saturday I decided to get some Christmas shopping done since I’ve been procrastinating a bit and also way too busy with school and work to find time. Mr. SportsFan also wanted me to stop by and see the newly stocked store while I was out and about. While I was shopping  he and I were texting (yes, like teenagers. I know, it’s disgusting). I finished up at one store and then headed over to his store so we could grab a bite to eat. He gave me the tour of the store and all the new merchandise and then we headed out for an early dinner. We sat down and instantly, almost magnetically, our bodies couldn’t get close enough in the booth. We kept asking ourselves, out loud to each other, what the fuck are we doing?! What is this?! We sat there, holding hands, touching, flirting, talking and eating for almost two hours before heading back to his store. He wanted to spend more time with me and asked if he could shop with me…um..of course! We went to store after store, him checking in at his store periodically, for hours. Eventually he walked me out to my car, kissed me goodbye and asked me to call him when I got home so he knew I was OK (aaww…gag…cough…sweet, I know). I called when I got home and we stayed on the phone for about an hour (what else is new). While on the phone with him I got a text from Navy Man asking me to hang out …

Ah yes, Navy Man….swoon….

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Navy Man so I’ll back up just a bit. I met Navy Man May 5, 2011– Cinco de Mayo at Margarita’s. I was there with my bestie enjoying the fiesta and he walked in all sexy and in uniform. I told the bartender to give him whatever he wanted, on me and it turns out he wanted to be on me 😉 HAHA! We very casually dated for a few months and the sex was beyond HOT! Ever since then we have been friends with benefits and it  works for us. We get along great, have a ton of stuff in common and we have a fantastic time no matter what we are doing. When I needed official dog tags to complete my Top Gun Halloween costume this year, of course he let me borrow his. I have been carrying these dog tags around with me for a month now so incredibly afraid that I would lose them, but our schedules just haven’t given us time to hang out. So when he text me while I was talking to Mr SportsFan, I of course text him and let him know I could absolutely meet him and hang out. Great, I packed a few essentials because hanging out with him always turns into a slumber party, and headed to  his place. We hung out with his roommate for a bit while she decorated the Christmas tree and then we all sat down and watched Elf. Things were very platonic and he did tell me he was trying to “behave”. He always tells me he’s going to try and “behave” so that we can try to be friends who don’t always sleep together… he never lasts and I don’t even have to do anything other than show up! LOL! Anyway, we sat there chatting and watching the movie and after a while his roommate went to her room. At some point he threw his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me closer to  him to cuddle. We finished watching the movie like this: me half sitting, half laying down with my back against his chest and his arms wrapped around my waist trying to pull me closer. Eventually, both yawning, we made our way down to his room to “get some sleep”. At first we both lay there on top of the covers, fully clothed, still just chatting and laughing. Then he looked at me and said, “I can’t sleep like this. I can’t sleep in jeans.” I said “OK neither can I. DO you want to throw me a pair of your shorts to sleep in?” “No, ” he replied. “Um OK can you toss me a t-shirt then?”, “Nope”, he said and then stood up and proceeded to strip down to his boxers. Fine by me! So I too stripped down to my cami & underwear. Hey, I needed to be comfy too, fair is fair right? We got under the covers and lay there mostly naked while he insisted this was still a platonic sleepover. “Umm… do you often have half naked female friends in your bed for no-sex-sleepovers?” He laughed and said no. As I lay there trying to respect his request that we behave, his amazingly chiseled body making it extremely fucking hard not to touch his nearly naked body, he rolled over to face me and kissed me on the forehead as he slowly ran his hand from my shoulder, down my back and across my ass. There was no way we were going to behave! He continued caressing my skin, running his hand in the opposite direction now, this time all the way up the back of my neck to my hair… and he didn’t stop there. His hand continued up the base of my neck, fingers in my hair and then… he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled. Holy fuck! He KNOWS how I love that! I looked him right in the eye and said “You said behave, but if you do that again all bets are off!” He laughed and rolled on to his back looking up at the ceiling. We were silent for a while, just laying there, still touching each other. We never can seem to keep our hands off of each other no matter what either of us say, lol. This game of teasing me and then pulling away continued for a bit until…he grabbed my fuckin hair again! That was it, gloves came off and there was no more behaving on my end. In my defense, I did warn him and he went there fully knowing what was going to happen. Personally I think he likes the build up of seeing how long either of us can last before we lose control. It’s hot! Sex with him is ALWAYS fuckin hot! He’s young, he’s in unbelievable shape and he knows how to tear up a room! We definitely kept his roommate awake, LOL! We had our sleepover, it just wasn’t a platonic one.

After I got home late Sunday morning I went and did some Christmas shopping. Mr SportsFan was texting me off and on all morning and afternoon. On his way home from work he called me to ask if I would like to go out to a late dinner with him and of course I said yes. Later that night he picked me up and off we went. We sat at the bar, had a few drinks, a good meal and great conversation while the game was on. The fact that he was more interested in me than the football game was actually a turn on. As we left the restaurant we were trying to figure out what to do next. It was kind of late, 11:30 on a Sunday, and not much was open. We ended up going back to my house to watch a movie. We started the movie and about every 15 minutes he asked me to pause it so we could talk. We were having some pretty in depth conversations during these little pauses and I could tell he was really, really trying to get me to open up so he could learn about me. That’s something I’m just not good at. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an open book, but I don’t just offer the info up. I’ll answer a direct question openly and honestly, but that’s not the route he was taking this time. Anyway, we only got about halfway through the movie before we ended up naked and all over each other. Apparently intellectual conversation is a turn on! I’m not gonna lie… the fact that he has an equally strong, dominant personality is a huge turn on for me! The fact he’s a marine is just a bonus. Now… I know I said Mr G-Spot lost his title and yes, sex with Navy Man is beyond amazing BUT… Mr SportsFan can not only locate my Gspot, but he did it it under 10 seconds and MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! I mean earth shattering, mind blowing, body quivering, legs won’t stop shaking for 45 minutes….again…and …again! It was a looooong night. OK, so now the weird part about Sunday night: not only did I let Mr SportsFan spend the night but…we…. cuddled! WTF?! I don’t cuddle and it’s rare that I let a guy spend the night in my bed. Honestly, I’m the hug and roll kind of girl (hug for him, roll for me) and unless I’m in some kind of a relationship with someone, I don’t let guys spend the night. Yet here this guy had me cuddled up to him like a fuckin kitten, practically purring. I was putty in his hands until the blood rushed back to my head and I looked at him and said “What the fuck are we doing?” and I pulled away. Of course now another conversation ensued about how I don’t usually do this, I’m SO not this girl! He made a joke about the fact that he turned me from this dominant female into a submissive one, which of course got me all defensive, which he thought was cute. Grrr! I fell asleep within minutes, both of us laying in my bed, my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. Ugh! I’m such a girl!

We woke up Monday morning, had amazing morning sex and both went on our way back to reality. He text me within 45 minutes of leaving and we continued to go back and forth all day. He called me that afternoon and we talked for about an hour (as usual) and I told him I’d call him back later that night. I got caught up with work most of the day and night and by the time I had a free second, it was midnight. Knowing he was still up and likely still in his office, I called him and we sat on the phone for three and a half hours! I don’t understand this. Neither one of us really likes the phone and we both have extremely busy lives and yet we are acting like teenagers- texting all day and having phone conversations multiple times per day that last for hours. Really?! And what’s even worse is that we have talked about this and this is uncharacteristic for either one of us! We are both very independent, very dominant and strong people and yet here we are, acting the way we are acting. It’s baffling! It’s sickening! It’s…It’s….gggrrrr!!!!

And there you have it folks! My weekend of memories with Mr Gspot and his dethroning, Navy Man and his muscles and moaning courtesy of Mr SportsFan… Oh! Oh! OH MY!!



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