Me Before You Review: A Movie With Heart and Soul

me before you movie review

Last night I went to the advanced screening of Me Before You (thank you Allied Media Boston) at Boston Common AMC theater. With popcorn, candy and complimentary tissues strategically placed, I settled in, prepared (or so I thought) for the movie to begin. I had the basic premise of the movie—girl meets boy, boy is a quadriplegic, girl is his caregiver, boy and girl fall in love, boy dies.

I had no idea the level of comedic relief, which perfectly balanced the weepy and romantic moments. The movie began as all romantic comedies do, lightheartedly following our two main characters, Will and Lou (Louisa) in their separate lives until a tragic event causes their paths to cross and their eyes to meet. Lou desperately needs a job and is hired as Will’s caregiver and companion of sorts, though she has no idea what she’s doing and talks way too much. At first glance, it appears the two are destined to dislike each other. But, what would a romantic movie be without conflict?

Inevitable, Will becomes smitten with Lou, though he covers his true feelings with sarcasm and witty one liners (hmm, sounds all too familiar). Lou, on the other hand, wears her heart on her sleeve. It’s the whole star crossed lovers, from two different worlds, who love each other like no other love before this; they make each other feel alive. Through her desire to restore his zest for life and to reignite his passion for living life to the fullest, it is me before you movie reviewactually Lou and not Will who learns how to “live boldly” as Will tells her because, “you only get one life”.

I won’t give away the entire story, we all know that it’s meant to be a tearjerker and it is!! But the cast and crew of this movie have done a phenomenal job of keeping viewers on the brink of sobbing one second and cracking up laughing the next. It was an unexpected, and appreciated, balance that really gave the movie a sense of reality and allowed the viewers to really connect and become emotionally invested.

Me Before You officially opens in select theaters across the country tonight (Thursday June 2) and I highly recommend that if you plan to see it…bring a box of tissues!

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