This is Why Las Vegas is Called Sin City!

las vegas sin city

Aaah, Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. And this single girl certainly got her fill of sin in this city!

The AVN Awards and Expo were a blast (and one of the reasons I was in Vegas) and I truly made sure that Vegas lived up to it’s nickname. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned! Oh fuck it, who am I kidding? I don’t need forgiveness, I’m going straight to hell! It’s OK though because that’s where all the fun people will be anyway.

But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? I told you about one man I had on his knees, now it’s time to tell you of the second bitch boy I collected in the city of sin.

The second man to succumb to my dominance and grovel at my feet was a tall, dark and delicious hunk of man candy who I will pleasingly refer to as Mr. Foot Bitch. After spending all day Saturday running from room to room conducting interviews (while also being stopped by fans for photos and being offered contracts to do film), suffice it to say that by the time I got my exhausted ass to the red carpet Saturday evening, my feet were  beyond sore. As I’m standing on the red carpet, discussing business with another gent, Mr. Sports Fan scoping out the perfect location for us to photograph, this absolutely stunning slice of beef cake walks over to me and asks me if I’m in the industry. I laughed and told him, “that’s not the first time I’ve been asked that today!” He continued by telling me how gorgeous and sexy I am and that I really know how to walk in my shoes.(Damn straight! Don’t wear them if you can’t own the room in them!) Before I knew it, my feet were in his very capable hands…and mouth! And oh baby was he great with his hands…mmmm! After an amazing foot massage, and a ton of touching and flirting, we exchanged  numbers and I invited him out to the club I was reviewing after the show.

We went from club to club, me, Mr. Sports Fan and my luscious new boy toy, hanging and drinking with a lot of the industry folks who were out celebrating after the awards. Since I had Mr. Sports Fan’s permission to play, I took full advantage! This beautiful boy was so happily submissive to me, and I was happily toying with him and his cock. At one point I pushed him against the wall in the bar and made out with him. (Mr. Sports Fan is still teasing me about that one because I left lip gloss all over the boy.) After drinking, dancing and flirting, I was ready to really spice it up. Sin City. Full throttle baby!

We took Mr. Foot Bitch back to our hotel and as the three of us stepped off the elevator, I grabbed both men by the balls and dragged them in to the room. I knew what I wanted and I was taking it… every inch!

Mr. Sports Fan grabbed the camera and filmed as I put this gorgeous, buff, tan stud on his knees and made him kiss my stilettos, eventually allowing them both to taste me. I of course fucked Mr. Sports Fan first because, well, he had to mark his territory. But then, I had my way with this young little hottie. And my way was to mount  him and ride that stud  until I was good and done with him.

When all was said and done, and I had my fill of orgasmic pleasure courtesy of both men, I sent the boy on his way and Mr. Sports Fan and I watched TV and fell asleep, satisfied.

A couple days later I received a text from an unfamiliar number while Mr. Sports Fan and I were on our way back to Boston. I didn’t recognize the person’s name either when I asked, not until he said “OMG, it’s foot slave!” OOPS!

Sorry baby, but you weren’t my only foot slave for my five days in Sin City!

Keep it dirty my sexy readers.


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