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In a perfect world, we’d be screwing our significant others around the clock anytime we had that warm, moist urge (or boner if you’re one of my  male readers). Sadly, real life tends to get in the way of our sexual appetites and needs more often than we’d like. Work, day-to-day responsibilities, stress, exhaustion and any number of real life adult shit we have to deal with can make sex drop further and further down the to-do list. So how do you keep your sex life alive and kinking (no, that’s not a typo)? Creative kink!

Haven’t had time lately to squeeze him in…literally?! One word for you… quickie! Quickies don’t have to be three minute wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am where he gets his rocks off while you’re left hanging. If you are in tune with each others bodies a quickie can be just as, if not more, satisfying than an all out hour(s) long fuck fest. If you are not typically a sexual tyrannosaurus, or have trouble thinking up creative ways sneak in a quickie, have no fear…Boston Single Girl is here! Slip it to her (or slip him into you) during your morning shower. Take advantage of rolling into  his morning wood when you wake up and mount him (most women get off faster and easier if they’re on top). Pay attention to the little moments when you have about 10 minutes together and take full advantage of him…. I mean it 😉

Creative kink also requires being creative and fun. It’s sex people, it’s supposed to be fun! Try role playing, making your own porn video, a sexy camera shoot or going to a strip club together. Be spontaneous and have sex in outrageous places whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

Most importantly, if you want to keep the kink alive in your relationship, you have to make it a priority. Mr. Sports Fan and I are both very sexually charged people. We’re also pretty limitless and very adventurous. Swingers parties, strip clubs, letting people watch, the thrill of getting caught, taking turns dominating, role playing… we love it all and then some! One night when he was working late, I surprised him at his office with one of his fantasies. In very business-like (but still slutty) attire, I showed up posing as a customer who had a very special order that needed to be filled. (Can you imagine what I needed filled?) With my hair all sexy and wavy, a very business-like pencil skirt and suit jacket with just a lace bra  underneath, no panties, just stockings and slutty heels that look like something straight out of a porno, I played my part well… and then he fucked me…very well…in his office.

Relationships are hard enough without the added stress of not having (enough) sex. If you want to keep the kink alive, be bold! Be daring! Go forth and get laid!

Happy screwing boys and girls!


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  1. So many people need to read this! It’s all about enjoying and pleasing one another and that’s something that should never die in a relationship. I wish that I had my own office! 🙁 LOL!

    • HAHA! If you had your own office would that desk get lots of action? I think people get comfortable and they forget to make not only the relationship a priority, but also make sex a priority! Feel free to share my words wit the world 😉 XOXO

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