Interview with Power Couple Johnny Castle and Mia Lelani

Johnny Castle Mia Lelani

I love my readers and I try to listen to all of you as  much as possible and give you what you want. People like to get what they want, right? Especially when what they want are all of the sexy details on adult film hunk Johnny Castle. Readers, you have spoken! And God damn it, I have listened!

The first interview I did with Johnny Castle was completely by chance, meaning that the PR firm did not arrange for me to interview him at a scheduled time and place. Nope, we were just two people who happened to be in the same line at the same little cafe in the Hard Rock during AVN week. We chatted for those few minutes in line (all while I was making a conscious effort not to stare too hard a his amazing body—or drool!) and then I asked him if I could interview him and we exchanged numbers. That first chance encounter happened 3 years ago and still remains the all-time #1 post on this site. Still!

You all have tweeted, emailed and messaged me that you want more Johnny (don’t we all) so, back by Johnny Castle Mia Lelanipopular demand, ladies and gents I sat with Johnny Castle and the gorgeous Mia Lelani at AVN this year just for you (OK and maybe a little for myself).

Catching up with this man was no easy task, let me tell you, and it was even more difficult to do in the 5″ stilettos I was wearing! Johnny has been very busy these past couple years getting his production company off and running—and running it is! “We shoot 30-35 scenes per month on the production side and then I am still performing in about 25 scenes per month.” And you thought your life was busy!

“I’ve always been a driven, hungry person, but it’s not easy managing myself and a production team.” That’s where business partner, fiance and fellow adult actress Mia Lelani comes in. “We balance each other in business,” Mia told me. I have to say, I love these two! Johnny is so “good cop” to Mia’s “bad cop”, it’s hot and sweet at the same time. Just listening to these two, and hanging out with them, you can tell that they really compliment each other in business and in their love life. It’s a true partnership that has given rise to their status, at least in my book, as porn’s power couple.

I asked Johnny which he enjoyed more, producing or performing, “Performing makes more money and is more fun. Either way, it can take 4 to 6 hours to shoot one scene.” How many of you men can stay hard for that long, hmm? And think about the woman! Can your vajay stay warm and wet for that long?

I decided to get a little personal, since readers have asked me to, and delve  into Mia and Johnny’s engagement and wedding plans. Let me assure you ladies, these two are really together! Johnny proposed to Mia right around the 2013 AVN Awards show and the two have been enjoying their engagement over the last couple years. Johnny chimed in,”She believes in long engagements,” to which Mia added, “What’s the rush? If you know this is the person, the one, then why rush?”

So, what does 2016 have in store for power couple Johnny Castle and Mia Lelani? Well, besides hectic production and performing schedules (Johnny shot 14 scenes between January 6 and 20th alone), Johnny says he is, “Trying to appreciate the moment.” The pair are currently building a house in Las Vegas, planning a few vacations and plan to, “keep living in the moment.”

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