It’s Not Myth, It’s Magic!

G spot magic
g spot
It’s sad really. The thought that many women have never experienced an orgasm, let alone an earth shattering, mind blowing, leg numbing, he-done-fucked-me-stupid G-spot orgasm. Really quite devastating.
Luckily, I’m not in that category. (sorry, but I have to gloat about it for just a bit). I feel bad for the women who have no freakin’ idea what they are missing.
The G-spot seems so elusive to most men, and women, that people who have never witnessed or experienced such  the power of a G-spot orgasm chalk it up to myth. Ooooooh I’m telling you, it’s no myth! It does exist. It’s very real!
When you are with a man who knows a woman’s body, his…umm.. member… can find that magical spot as if it had  Lojack GPS tracking!!
Mr. Sports Fan is one of those guys who can find the g-spot in under 10 seconds. Sex between us is raw, kinky, and down right raunchy (I love it!) and he fuckin kills my g-spot every single time! Sometimes, he toys with it, pushing me to the brink of losing my  mind, then he’ll back off, change positions for a couple minutes and WHAM! hit it hard again. It’s…just…there are no words, really. It’s that good!
So, just how do you find the elusive unicorn called g-spot? This YouTube video (which won’t allow me to embed it, per request of someone who complained. Thanks a fuckin lot ya tool!) How to find and stinulate the G Spot .Men, watch it! Study it! Learn from it! Take that knowledge, go forth and satisfy!
Women, watch the video! If you don’t know your own anatomy, how can you expect him to know?! For those of you ladies who have never had a g-spot orgasm (also called a squirting orgasm), you can’t blame it all on the men. Sorry, but it’s true. Most women, when fully aroused and just about to the point of squirting, will stop a man. Why? Because the sensation just as you are about to explode into pure ecstasy actually feels like you have to pee. For this reason, many women will stop a guy, thinking they are about to embarrass themselves by peeing on their partner (which is fine if you are into that sort of kinky shit, but that’s another post for another time). he key to earth shattering orgasms is to relax and just go with it. When he hits your g-spot, trust me, you’ll know! The feeling is like no other. Pure and utter ecstasy. Really. Don’t pull away, don’t stop him, just go with it. Scream, squirm, bite, scratch… do whatever comes naturally until that final, mind-blowing, release of pure satisfaction– female ejaculation( aka squirting).
OK folks, this concludes today’s sex-ed lesson. It’s Friday and school is out! My mission for all of you, should you choose to accept it: find and pleasure the G-spot this weekend.
As far as Mr. Sports Fan goes… mission accomplished, baby!

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  1. Good point Marrie! If a woman has never had an orgasm she needs to explore herself before she expects a man to make it happen for her. After all, unless you’re screwing Christooher Columbus, he’s just a man. And even Columbus didn’t complete his intended mission!! LOL

  2. WOW, Jimmy…that’s just wrong! {unless that’s your thing, which it doesn’t sound like it is! LOL}

    Squirting may not be the end all and be all of orgasms for all women but I do think that if you have never had an orgasm; every person owes it to themselves to study up and do some hands on exploration!

  3. Why is it that the women that can squirt are too afraid and the women that can’t squirt, pee? Yes, this happened to me I’m afraid and what was worse…is that I was orally pleasuring her at the time. Yup. 😛

    Good tips though! I think every woman needs to know these tricks. A woman should always experience these orgasms by themselves first. (So they don’t end up falling in love with the douche that made her cum like that) and then guide the guys to make them climax.

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