Interview with Tee Reel of Ideal Image Models

Ideal Image Models Tee Reel

While I was out in Las Vegas at the AVN Awards and Expo, I caught up with the very busy, and very talented, Tee Reel of Ideal Image Models, and LA based modeling agency. Tee was a hard guy to sit with… because he doesn’t sit! Our interview was done on foot, as he scoped out the crowd for new talent. During the interview, we stopped several times so that he could work his magic on gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl who happened to walk past his Ideal Image Models booth at the Expo.

The most fascinating part of meeting Tee Reel was learning not only the adult industry side of this company, but also the volume of mainstream work that he and his models have done. Of the 73 female models and 16  male models with Ideal Image, one-third of them have SAG (screen actors guild) cards. That’s an astonishing number and shows that being in the adult industry isn’t as taboo as it once was.

“Porn is a magnifier. Whatever you are doing, if you are successful in mainstream, then porn will just magnify that success.” ~Tee Real, Ideal Image Models

Tee Reel  didn’t start  rockin’ out with his cock out from the get go! Before he got into the adult film industry, he was a student at Columbia University for video and film. He was a music video director and worked with people such as Kanye West and Ludacris (to name a few). After a few years, he moved to LA and began performing for Red Light District.

Having been in the industry for 11 years, Tee focuses more on directing than performing these days, but he still performs in about 4-5 films/scenes a month.

Models from Ideal Image Models can be seen in mainstream work such as HBO, commercials, music videos, as well as in adult films.

Hopefully I get a chance to check in with Tee next year at the AVN’s… he had some smokin’ hot girls at his booth!

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