Interview with Sexy Adult Film Star Johnny Castle

adult film star sexy abs

Sexy doesn’t begin to describe adult film star Johnny Castle, and hot doesn’t even come close either! I mean, look at those abs! Oh, wait.. I meant eyes. Oh fuck, who am I trying to kid? I meant abs! Is it ¬†unprofessional to say that I just wanted to lick him?

I had the pleasure of sitting with this hottie while I was in Las Vegas covering the 2014 AVN Awards. I met him while standing in line for a sandwich: I was in between interviews and he was in between shoots. I commented on how he was only getting oatmeal and a banana. I was blatantly flirting with him, commenting on his absolutely beautiful body, and then I told him I’d love to interview him and we exchange cell phone numbers. Holy Fucking Shit! Did I really just get this hot adult film star to give me him cell phone number?! You’re fuckin’ right I did!

In one of the crowded expo rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel, I lifted myself onto the ledge behind the railing and Johnny stood very close to me (oh I wanted to bite him!) as we had a quick chat about him and the business.

Johnny, who is recently engaged to fellow adult film star, Mia Lelani, is originally from New Jersey and started doing scenes there while he was in college working towards his Masters in psychology.

A manager at Abercrombie, and a student with a 3.7 gpa, Johnny decided to walk out on an important test to go shoot a scene. ¬†“I was working towards my Masters, engaged, and I gave it all up to move to LA and do porn.” He shot 275 scenes in 2013 and was nominated for Unsung Performer in this year’s AVN show.

At this point in the interview, male performer Seth Gamble, a good friend of Johnny’s, comes racing over to Johnny trying to cut a real estate deal with him on an apartment that was available. Seth, a beautiful blue-eyed ball of energy was funny as shit and seemed like a guy I’d wanna hang out with and have drinks with. Don’t get me wrong, I’d bang him, but he also seemed like a guy you could fuck and have fun with, know what I mean? Kinda like he’d be telling jokes in the middle of a screwing.

While we were all hanging out and joking, I found out that Johnny plays in a basketball league with Mark Wood of LeWood Productions. For the rest of the night, we kept passing quips back and forth between Mark and Johnny, things like “Mark says you suck!” and “Johnny said to tell you you can’t shoot.” It was all in good fun. While Seth was walking down the red carpet, Mr. Sports Fan asked if Johnny gave him the apartment, “I don’t know man, but I need it once this shows over!”

Oh, before we bid farewell to Johnny, Mr. Sports Fan asked him if he would jump out of a cake dressed as a Marine for my birthday, and Johnny agreed.

Is it bad that I really want this ab-a-licious adult film star to pop out of my birthday cake in Marine dress blues?


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