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It all started when one incredibly hot female porn star met an attractive well-hung male porn star. It was love at first fuck and this husband and wife power couple are amazing both on and off camera. I’m talking about Francesca Le and Mark Wood who, in 2002, launched their company LeWood Productions.

The absolutely gorgeous Francesca Le, a Los Angeles native, started off in the industry by stripping at bachelor parties and then made the jump into girl-girl videos in 1990.

Mark Wood moved to LA from Las Vegas, “to be a rockstar and go to school and then I just fell into porn,” says Wood, who started out in the industry back in 1998.

In 2002, this husband and wife power couple launched their production company, LeWood Productions, and Francesca, who retired in 1992, came out of retirement to begin filming again. Aside from performing, Mark and Francesca both act as producer and director in every film created by LeWood.

I asked Mark and Francesca if they thought the economy was hurting the porn industry, “I don’t think the economy is hurting porn production, but maybe sales.The business has changed, like real estate, it has it’s ups and downs, but I think the internet has hurt entertainment as a whole.” On average, it costs $10-15K to make a low end film.

While we were on the topic of money, I asked who got paid more— females or males in the industry. “Women make more per scene, but men make more on longevity, ” said Francesca, who added, “If you have a vagina, you should be making money daily!” (which was in reference to women in the industry who might not shoot that often). I also learned that performers are paid upfront and receive no residuals.

The myth that porn stars are “dirty” and more prone to STI’s may actually be a myth since, according to Mark and Francesca, they are required to get tested every 14 days for things such as HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis.

When asked what the cons were to the  job, both Mark and Francesca agreed that the stars can be a bit needy. “Every girl needs something different, ” Francesca stated, meaning that in order to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to do the scene, some girls need reassurance, others need their ego stroked… everyone needs something different to get them in the mood and ready to shoot a scene which places a lot of demand on the production team since they have to meet those demands in order to get the finished product they are hoping for.

My final question for this slut hungry team: How do you keep your marriage together in this industry? And I absolutely fucking LOVE Francesca’s answer

“Have sex with other people!”

Guys and girls, that says it all! You want a happy relationship or marriage, come to an agreement and fuck other people! Sex makes us all happy!


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