Interview with Dan O’Connell of Girlfriends Films

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“For fine folks with good hearts and curious minds.” That’s the motto of Girlfriends Films, the world largest library of girl-girl films. While I was in Las Vegas at the 2014 AVN Awards, I had the pleasure of sitting for a chat with the founder of Girlfriends Films, Dan O’Connell.

I met Dan at the Girlfriends Films booth at the AVN Expo. In very close quarters, sitting knee to knee in directors chairs, Dan’s first words to me were, “Wow, You have to be the hottest person to ever interview me.” This compliment coming from a dapper older man with piercing blue eyes who’s surrounded by gorgeous naked women all day made me blush. Once I got past my initial “awe shucks” feeling, I was able to get down to business.

What started off 12 years ago as a film media class project at UCLA–a real-life documentary on lesbian sex entitled “The New Wave of Lesbian Erotica,” —has grown into the most successful, and award winning, company producing lesbian erotica.

“We market to a mature audience and want our viewers to have a pleasurable experience,” says O’Connell. The actresses in all of Girlfriends Films productions, all of which are ad free, are all either lesbian or bi-sexual women. Straight girls who are what is referred to in the industry as “gay for pay” are not allowed, and any who are discovered are ‘one and done’. Girlfriends Films prides itself on being real and providing realistic scenes performed by women who enjoy other women sexually.

So who is watching all of these girls enjoy each other in the sack? According to O’Connell, their viewership is 50% male, 25% female and 25% couples. That’s right guys, your woman probably likes to watch girls pleasuring other girls just as much as you do!

Along with DVD sales, Girlfriends Films operates a video on Demand (VOD) service on it’s website. And get this: 95% of the films are written and directed by Dan O’Connell! He’s quite the busy man! Maybe that’s why this past January he decided to step back from the management duties of the company and resign his position as President, allowing his VP, “Moose” to step in to the presidential role and providing Dan more time to write, direct and produce.

It was great chatting with Dan, learning more about his company and of course enjoying the eye candy he had prancing around his booth at the expo. Before leaving, Mr. Sports Fan joked about me being in film some day and Dan said he’d love to have me come out to L.A and shoot for Girlfriends Films.

Hmm… something to consider.

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  1. Just 50% male? I’m surprised that it’s not more! However, women are letting the “freak flag” fly even more these days and expressing their sexual side a lot more. Shaming is dying a slow death! It’s amazing how some things start small and wind up being a multi-gazillion dollar venture! It doesn’t hurt to have them compliment you as a “hot” interviewer either, does it, BSG? 🙂

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