Interview with the Sexy Allie Haze

Porn Star Allie Haze

OK, I have to admit it— as much as I love cock, I think I might have a serious girl crush on Allie Haze! Maybe it’s her girl next door, “I’m secretly a horny slut”, appearance. Or maybe it’s her sweet, genuine, down-to-earth personality that makes her so appealing.

Porn Star Allie Haze

This 26-year-old smoke show is a California native who tried out many career choices prior to stepping into the adult industry— namely firefighter and bartender. I’m sure she makes many a hose squirt in her current profession as well as her previous!

Being brought up in a super religious family, Allie found herself married to a preacher at the age of 18 and then divorced two years later when she realized it just wasn’t what she wanted.

When I asked Allie how she got started in the adult industry she said, “Well I’ve always been into girls, and identified as a lesbian when I was younger, before my marriage. But I got sick of going out to bars, picking up women, taking them home, only to find out that they weren’t really into girls and that it was all just for show in front of the guys at the bar. That wasn’t what I wanted because I was really into girls and having sex with women. That’s what pretty much led to me getting into the business because it provided a safe and fun way for me to have sex with other women who liked to have sex, not be a tease for a bunch of guys.” Allie broke into the business by doing strictly girl-girl scenes. When she decided she wanted to try a boy-girl scene, Reality Kings helped pop her cherry in that genre.

Like many of today’s starlets, Allie Haze has made the cross to mainstream. You can currently see her in regular appearances on HBO’s Emmanuelle .

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