If You’re Cocky and You Know It…



I’ve been tweeting recently about Mr. Cocky and realized I hadn’t filled you all in yet on who he is! When tweeting, I’ve called him Mr. Cocky douche bag prick actually, but I’m just going to shorten it to Mr. Cocky from now on and here’s the scoop…

Mr. Cocky and I met online and I honestly don’t remember which on of us approached the other first, but we exchanged several emails back and forth and then he asked for my number. We seemed to be hitting it off so, I gave it to him. We sent a few texts back and forth, set up a day and time to meet and then… things got a little crazy.

In texts this guy gave off this overly confident vibe, but I’m a Boston girl and I can handle confident and even cocky any day,  backwards and in stilettos no problem. He gave me his confident cocky attitude and I gave it right back, knocking him down every time. He just kept coming back harder until finally he was making assumptions about our first meeting that I didn’t quite care for. His cocky attitude grew into that of a cocky douche  bag prick and he was assuming that because when he said he just got out of a relationship & wasn’t looking to get back into one right now and I agreed (being in that same position myself) this instantly meant I was going to have sex with him the second we met! I quickly put a stop to the conversation, became the Boston bitch that I am and told him that I don’t appreciate his assumptions and that while I have no problem dealing with his cockiness and putting him in is place line after line, I have no tolerance for someone who speaks to me like this and thinks this of me. I told him “I’m not a door knob, everyone doesn’t get a turn. I’m more like a casino where only the lucky ones win the jackpot and the odds are NOT in your favor!” He said “OK, I can see I’ve pissed you of and I’ll back off” and then he left me alone.

A couple of days later he started texting me again, apologizing to me and I ignored all 14 texts, 5 phone calls and 3 emails. Dude! Get a fuckin clue! You fuckin annoyed me and insulted me! Finally after a full 24 hours of this, I checked my inbox for this particular online dating site (I’m on a few, lol) and saw I had two more messages from him. “Hey, please stop being mad. Can we start over?” so I finally responded with “#1 we don’t even know each other so you certainly can’t trigger anger from me. #2 why should I allow you a do over?” He text me back, apologizing profusely for insulting me and asking for a second chance. *sigh* and I gave it to him.

I agreed to meet Mr. Cocky for coffee at a local Dunkin Donuts that I was going to be at anyway so why  not, right? I told him what time frame I am typically there and he said he would meet me there. While I was waiting I was texting a guy friend of mine telling him I was waiting on this cocky bastard to show up and meet me for coffee, giving him a second chance, blah blah blah. H asked me why I was giving him a second chance and I said “because he has nice eyes and I’m a sucker for nice eyes”. I know, pathetic, but true! Maybe it’s also because I know that he’s a “bad boy” and nothing will ever come of it except maybe a few good nights of raw, dirty sex, in which case I’m totally fine with that! I’m not looking to try and change him or  settle him down, FUCK THAT! Someone will have to settle me down first!

Anyway, Mr. Cocky showed up about 20 minutes late (traffic) and came in looking all GQ and stuff….shit!I tried to play it cool and not  let him know that I was totally into him, not sure it worked though because I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes….they are gorgeous! Dark hair and husky blue eyes (swoon)! We had coffee, talked for about an hour and then I had to leave to get to a meeting. He bought me another coffee to go before we left and then asked me if we could set something up for maybe lunch or dinner and I agreed.

I have to say that ever since I spanked his ass into place, he has been nothing but sweet and polite to me. We have absolutely been flirting via text for the past week and teasing each other, but I have him right where I want him, lol, wrapped around my little finger 😉 

Dance, puppet, dance! That’ll teach you to be a cocky, douche bag prick to me!

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