How To Have a Hot Summer Fling

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Summer love. Who among us hasn’t envisioned a summer fling akin to that of Sandy and Danny? Two strangers meet on a beach— one from a foreign country— and the sparks fly. The sun. The sand. The romance and, hopefully, some really hot sex! All the while, nothing about the torrid tryst interferes with the rest of your life. Sounds great, right? Here are a few tips on how to have a hot summer fling of your own.summer fling summer lovin Greaseg

The first rule of a summer fling is that your life does not change simply because you met this person. The whole point of a fling, after all, is to have all of the fun and none of the responsibility or baggage that come with a relationship. No hassle, no drama and living your best life.

I should probably back up, but instead, I am going to call this next rule 1A because it is equally as important as rule number 1. This rule is to always, ALWAYS be clear and upfront that this is just temporary. You can avoid that end-of-the-summer-this-was-just-a-fling awkwardness by simply being honest. I get it, grinding all over each other in your barely dressed summer best things can get hot and sexy pretty damn quick when the chemistry is right (or maybe with the right amount of tequila). But a simple, “Hey, this is fun and I’m into you, but I am only looking for something that lasts the night/the weekend/ the month/the summer/fill-in-the-blank. How about you?”

Find Your Summer Fling on the Road Less Traveled—by YOU!

The point of a summer fling is that it could never, it will never, last. Maybe you met at some dive bar while on vacation, or at a beach 20 miles from home. Maybe there’s an age difference, or they are visiting from another country. Maybe he has been stationed here for 3 1/2 years and he ships out to the next port at the end of the summer. Maybe her job requires so much travel that she’s never in one place for more than six weeks. Or maybe it’s a person you would never in a million years date long-term (For whatever reason) but a romp in the sack for a few weeks is perfectly acceptable. Variety is the spice of life and a summer fling is a perfect time to taste them all!

The next rule: stay out of the “couple zone”! Groping in the movie theater, being your plus one at a friend-of-a-friend’s beach party, or your tag-a-long on adventures your that your friends aren’t up for are all good ways to spend time with your fling. When you invite said fling to be your date for your sister’s summer wedding, then things move from a casual fling to coupledom. Boundaries are essential to a healthy summer fling.

Be Safe and End on Good Terms

Now, I shouldn’t have to say this, but I am going to anyway: Always, ALWAYS practice safe sex! Even if she says she’s on the pill and even if he says he has never done anything like this before. You do not want to remember (or regret) your summer fling as, “Remember that summer I caught that STI” or have it result in an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy. Be safe!

Summer flings are not meant to accompany your pumpkin spice latte and cannot endure the harshness of winter. When the expiration date on your summer fling approaches, put a formal end to your affair to remember. Say your good-byes and end all communication. A clean break is the healthiest, especially if your summer fling helped you get over a recent break-up. A summer fling is a short-lived adventure. Let the summer romance flames burn out like a beach bonfire on Labor Day.


Have you ever had a summer fling? Leave your summer fling stories below in the comments.



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