Happy Anti Valentine’s Day

anti valentines day

Valentine’s Day. Every year on February 14th everyone looses their fucking mind! Single girls go all boo-hoo because they’re single and lonely. Girls in relationships of any sort get all demanding and set their expectations for what they require from their significant other extremely high. And why? Well because this is a day for romance, right? Wrong!

Valentine’s Day is the most unromantic day of the year. Now before you say that I’m just some bitter woman who is anti-love and unhappy with her life, hear me out.

First of all, anyone who reads my blog knows that I have had Mr. Sports Fan in my life for a while and I am obscenely happy. That gag worthy information aside, I detest this  holiday and always have, even when I was married.

Second, February 14th is the most unromantic, unoriginal, unimpressive holiday filled with forced expressions of emotion. It’s a consumer-oriented and consumer driven holiday that centers around everyone trying to out do each other with the “best” Valentine’s Day gifts and surprises. And don’t even get me started on the number of weddings and engagements that occur every February 14th. How unoriginal!

Now, I’m a girl who admits to not being great with the mushy love stuff, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. I just suck at communicating it. With that being said, I love and appreciate any and every romantic gesture. I love and appreciate the little things, the every day things that tell me, “hey, I care about you.” To me, those things are far more important than a pound of chocolates that are going to make me gain 10 pounds, a card filled with someone else’s words, or the traditional red roses that are just going to smell and die in 3 days. I hate red roses. Hate. They are so unoriginal, generic and lack personal thought. And while I love chocolate, I don’t want a shit ton of it and I certainly don’t want it shaped like an organ… unless it’s a penis!

True romance is not forced because it’s a specific day on a calendar. True romance comes from the heart, it’s spontaneous and natural and personal.

When you really love and care about someone, you should show them every day, not because some greeting card company told you today was the day. Whether you have been together for 15 years or 15 months, your everyday actions towards the person you care about are what’s most important.

So fuck Valentine’s Day! Fuck the sappy, unoriginal greeting cards! Fuck eating in an overcrowded restaurant with 100 other couples! Fuck spending a ridiculous amount of money on flowers that are just going to die in a couple days anyway! Fuck it! Fuck it all!

Stop spending so much time and energy on a fake ass holiday and join the dark side; celebrate anti Valentine’s! Stay home, avoid the card and candy aisles, skip the red roses. While you’re at it skip everything red. When did red become the color of love anyway? When I wear red it’s because I want to be whorish, not romantic! Just say no to all of the generic, forced, consumer-oriented bullshit.

Here’s to the other 364 opportune days a year to express your true feelings in your own unique way and in your own words.



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