Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

Free Valentine's Sexy

What do most people want for Valentine’s Day? Forget the chocolate and roses, we all just want to get laid! Whether we are single, dating or married, all any human wants is raw, animalistic, passionate sex for V-day. Well my loves, I’m here to help you with that!

All this week, Sunday February 9-Wednesday February 12, I will be giving away one sexy prize after another.

So what’s in my naughty bag of treats? Take a peek… no touching though.


Sunday’s Free Valentine’s Day Give Away is two pair of sexy, sassy, naughty thong panties. One pair is S/M and the other is M/L so I will choose two winners, one for each size.

Free Valentine's Day Sexy

Monday’s Free Valentine’s Day Give Away is  two sample size pouches of Wet 4-in-1 in both Watermelon and Strawberry flavors. This is an edible, warming massage oil and lubricant all in one. And it’s not sticky and nasty like some similar products. Perfect for a naughty massage.

Free Valentine's Day Sexy

Tuesday’s Free Valentine’s Day Give Away is this 5″ Multi-speed vibrator, perfect for solo play or kinky couples play. Plus it’s purple and glittery so it’s pretty and practical.

Free Valentine's sex toy

Wednesday’s Free Valentine’s Day Give Away will be the final one so I’m making it a good one! The “Love Tapper” cock ring is sure to please you both. Just slip the ring around his shaft, slide it down to the base and climb aboard! The tapper swings and gently taps her clit or his testicles, depending on the position. The ring also provides a little squeeze around his unit, helping to maintain a rock hard erection and prolong that moment when he releases all of that love oil.

Free Valentines cock ring

I bet you’re wondering how you can win one of these prizes, right? Well you horny little devil, it’s simple. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and Facebook, retweet the contest details (one day or every day depending on which prize you are entering for), and leave me a comment below answering the following:

As you all know, I not only require satisfaction, I fuckin’ demand it! Since I’m an equal opportunity whore and love men and women alike, tell me naughty ladies and gents, how you would please this Boston Single Girl if given the opportunity.

If you’re too shy (or too much of a prude) to answer me, then just leave me some love in my box… my comment box that is.

Let the sex games begin!


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